Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Tips For Staying Younger Longer


Renowned brain surgeon Sanjay Gupta has reported hundreds of health stories from all over the world. But how does he stay healthy? Help your mind and body stay young with these tips that help him live longer.

Morning: Get dressed with your eyes closed.

A lot of what your brain does is process sensory information. So when you close your eyes, you force your mind to process the same information using different brain cells. In doing so, you exercise your brain, which releases special chemicals that keep cells healthy and helps new ones grow.

When should you start challenging your brain? The earlier you start, the better off you’ll be in your 50s and beyond.

Lunch: Cut 30 percent of food out of any meal.

Our bodies are not adept at telling us when we’re full. Our brains need about 20 minutes to understand that we’ve eaten enough, so you can overeat without realizing you’re doing so. Studies have shown that eating nutritious meals and restricting calories means less damage to your cells and lower insulin levels, which age you.

Afternoon: Have moving meetings.

Fitting in a workout anywhere you can help you live longer. How? It increases blood flow to your brain and creates a special substance that strengthens brain cells and helps grow new ones.

Dr. Gupta likes to have “moving meetings” where he squeezes in walking, push-ups, pull-ups and chair presses while he’s on conference calls with producers.

Evening: Turmeric tea.

For centuries, practitioners of Eastern medicine have used turmeric to calm nerves. A new animal study has shown that curcumin – a brain-boosting chemical in turmeric – could help slow the progression of Alzheimer’s by helping brain cells grow…

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