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Dick Gregory Unleashes on Spike Lee About ‘Django Unchained’

Dick Gregory, the groundbreaking comedian, author, civil rights activist and Bahamian Diet inventor, added a new title to his resume — film critic. Well, actually more specifically “filmmaker critic,” as he calls out Spike Lee for his harsh criticism of Quentin Tarantino’s spaghetti Western-esque Django Unchained.

There seems to be a clear line of demarcation being drawn in the sand separating black people based on Tarantino’s movie — it’s either loved or despised. Spike placed his flag staunchly on the detractor side, without even seeing the movie, and has been famously quoted as saying that Django Unchained was “disrespectful” to his ancestors.

Dick Gregory does not agree, and in a 10-minute interview on the YouTube channel W.E.A.L.L.B.E.T.V., he rips Spike Lee a new orifice for defecation, calling him a “thug” and “punk.”

In fact, Gregory is so effusive in his praise of the movie and in defense of its use of the so-called n-word that he says, possibly in exaggeration, that he’s viewed the film 12 times.

See the interview for yourself and, if you have seen the movie (unlike Spike), please share your opinion about which side you stand on and why.


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16 thoughts on “Dick Gregory Unleashes on Spike Lee About ‘Django Unchained’

  1. Rb Redmond says:

    "Spike placed his flag staunchly on the detractor side, WITHOUT EVEN SEEING THE MOVIE, and has been famously quoted as saying that Django Unchained was “disrespectful” to his ancestors." Idiot! Way to lose all credibility, at least to intelligent people.

  2. Rb Redmond says:

    "Dick Gregory does not agree, and in a 10-minute interview on the YouTube channel W.E.A.L.L.B.E.T.V., he rips Spike Lee a new orifice for defecation, calling him a 'thug' and 'punk." Good for Dick, at least HE saw the movie before commenting, unlike Spike who cut it down without even seeing it, like a whiney baby.

  3. Sterling Innovalogic says:

    I agree with spike. First of all Spike is not a punk, nor a thug, so what's with the name calling Dick. Shouldn't YOU be above that sir. The movie Malcolm X is head and shoulders above Django Unchained. It is and always will be one of the best movies made, which should have swept the award shows, but real African Americans know why it did not. Oh, and by the way, the early years of Malcolm's life was spent being a gangster, and dressing like that. That comment was a little week, don't you think dick. Folks, Dick drops a few sound bites and you all have just run with it, because of your personal disdain for Spike.

    I love Jamie fox, but the reasoning, and explanation he gave in some sort of matter-of-fact way to justify this THING called "Django Unchained", on Cathy Hughes show, was very disturbing to me. I do not want anyone making any sort of mockery, concerning the worst Holocaust against a people ever. Dick mentioned something about being along time ago. Well Dick! have you not noticed that black folks are still catching the same kind of Hell we have always caught; all over the world.

    Our Holocaust is still going on, and it was, and is world wide, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Our struggle continue, and we simply continue to deal with it, and make things happen for ourselves, as we have always done. In addition, I love Samuel L. Jackson, but there are a lot of these sorts of movies with this language and behavior that he does not have a problem with on screen, but this time around I am not in the MOOD, just like Spike. Quentin Tarantino! Yeah, Right.

    Just a note:
    The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade – The middle passage was the worst event in human history, and it spanned decades. Read, study, and know. It was run, and funded by a intense small group of businessmen who ran the Trans-Atlantic slave trade from New York. 98% of them were known to be JEWISH. QUENTIN TERANTINO, do that movie! then again don't. We better have Spike do it.

    God Bless you my brothers and sisters. We have many stories to write. This is not it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love how these irrelevant black people are coming out…to protect their white massa…for deciding that he has some right and knowledge of what type of "slave" heroes black folk need. PLEASE…half of y'all don't even know who Dick Gregory is. LOL So Please….Like I keep saying and I'll say it again….Splike Lee has just as much right and freedom to speak his mind as this guy has to make a joke of slaves and what shoulda and coulda happened..IF this would have happen. None of you ever think why? Why is so concern about slavery and making black folk UNDERSTAND if they want to call you gger..they can.

    It's a sad day to see how many black folk have turned their backs on the suffering of our people. Those "slaves" if it wasn't for them NONE of us under the title African American would be here. Some of will just continue to honor their courage, strength and will. and you porch dancers and keep on dancing.

    Speak Your Mind Spike…anytime you feel the need Brother.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So now every irrelevant black person looking for attention….is going to recommend a movie..that clearly disrespects us and our Ancestorys who suffered the worst tragedy in American history. Interesting. And Dick Gregory has clearly been paid. Sell Outs.

    Speak your mind Spike.

  6. Anonymous says:

    No, not really. Why is this man concern about the What If's of American Slaves?
    I don't see the humor in it. Concerning that lack of equally still for african american s in this country. But, his white azz wouldn't know nothing about that…now do he.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jamie Foxx is a Buffoon…the idea that this who you cast as a "hero" but, oh yes…it was joke.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Funny, Dick Gregory looks a like like Samuel Jack character…LOL I just sayin

  9. Anonymous says:

    Fuck that moive…Y'all need to stop tryin to drum up your last audience…for that garbage.

    Free You F'ng Mind….Slaves.

  10. Dick Gregory KNEW Malcolm X! Mr. Gregory was an activist & nutritionist in the 60's when Spike was learning how to read & write! He can say whatever he DAMN WELL WANTS,he has earned it! He doesn't just make fake-ass movies,he has walked the walk & fought for Black folks' rights over the past 50 years! Spike just makes movies & cheers for the bum-ass Knicks. "X" was great,but DG's points about Spike's own buffoonery in "She's Gotta Have It","School Daze" & other films are spot-on. And In the historical context,how can you make a movie about slavery & NOT use the N-word? Like Mr. Gregory said,didn't Spielberg use it in "Lincoln"? YES,he did. Because it was slavery days, & that's what black folks were called…in a derogatory way! Do you understand "context"? Look it up. Like DG implied,Spike's beef w/Tarantino isn't about "Django" or the N-word,it's deeper than that. It's jealousy…That a white director could get a heroic,Western/Slavery dramedy made & distributed worldwide to a more broad audience than Spike could reach! Plus,the movie has nuances that Spike couldn't pull off. Comedy,mixed with tragedy? Spike USED to be able to do that. Not in a lonnnng time,though. Unless Spike actually sees the movie,his criticisms are invalid anyway. He's talking in generalities that don't even apply. Spike's thoughts on the film are irrelevant,anyway. Black folks are thinking for themselves these days,thank God. Spike should be counseling his boy Melo…or he should stick to wearing funny hats at Knicks games…OR make a good movie,& put his $$ where his mouth is! But trying to diss something he never saw? Punk move.

  11. Ted Spellman says:

    I attended a screen of DJANGO at the British Academy of Television Arts and Sciences before it was released. I had seen Tarantino's 2 previous films there, KILL BILL VOL.2 and INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. The BAFTA audience's response to Tarantino's previous 2 film's were unanimous applause and adulation. For DJANGO UNCHAINED, they were totally thrown throughout the entire film. While I am white, at UCLA Film School in the '80s I studied African American history, and crewed several projects by African American filmmakers. I was able to experience the rise of the new wave of African American filmmakers back then in the theater – seeing Spike Lee, the Hughes Brothers and the Hudlin Brothers burst onto the screen. My roommate from those days went on to write and direct LOVE & BASKETBALL and THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES. As I listened to the BAFTA audience reactions to the brutality of slavery depicted in DJANGO – the horrors I was shocked to learn of in the 80's – I wondered what questions they would have for speakers Samuel L. Jackson and Kerry Washington. I WAS SHOCKED WHEN THE FIRST QUESTION TO SAMUEL L JACKSON CONCERNED TARANTINO'S USE OF THE 'N' WORD (I feel I do not have a right to write nor say that word as a white – my personal belief). The bulk of this audience had just witnessed THE MOST SHAMEFUL PART OF AMERICA'S HISTORY, IN GRAPHIC DETAIL, YET ALL THEY CARED ABOUT WAS THIS? Samuel L. Jackson handled the question well. The next question was from another white, snobby British woman, pushing Jackson on THE SAME THING. The third question was from a white male, ON THE SAME THING. I yelled so loud at the man bringing up the topic for the third time for his stupidity in insulting Mr. Jackson that Jackson, on stage, literally heard me, and gave me a relieved smile of thanks and a nod. The moderator then took over. The whole Q&A was a deplorable embarrassment for both actors, and African American producer Reginald Hudlin who was there. It was Hudlin's response to a question Tarantino asked him a decade ago about why Hudlin did not like Spielberg's AMISTAD that inspired DJANGO in the first place. My point is this – for those white people, foreigners who knew LITTLE TO NOTHING of slavery, they had just WATCHED a graphic DEPICTION OF THE TRUE HORRORS OF SLAVERY UNLIKE ANY I EVER SAW IN CLASS OR IN A FILM. They did not ask about what it was like for the African American actors to play those scenes, or how much research went into the film (tons), or how it felt to shoot on REAL PLANTATIONS WITH THE GRAVEYARDS WITHIN EYE SITE, or how they weightd taking the roles. No. All they cared about was the use of a word THEY want to stop hearing to fit THEIR liberal agenda. Because asking those questions made them feel like responsible, upper-class White People looking out for their 'culture.' I'm sorry, I saw right through it – and it made me sick. And I see it all the time as a white member of our society when in the company of whites like BAFTA members. Yet, as Samuel L. Jackson pointed out to them, "You guys had no problem giving Tarantino a BAFTA for Best Original Screenplay for PULP FICTION. In fact, you gave me one for PULP FICTION as well." That was the only thing the BAFTA members had no answer for. Because they know what 'N' word was in Tarantino's PULP FICTION script that they themselves honored in 1995 with their highest award.

  12. Adrienne D Watson says:

    Bro. Gregory provides insight, documentation and validation to the movie's central theme and purpose. I applaud Mr. Gregory for always being upfront, forthright and on-the-line about black culture, racism and our role in maintaining our rich culture, heritage and being! Awesome interview. Thanks for posting.

  13. Adrienne D Watson says:

    Well if you had been around and old enough to know that Dick Gregory was speaking to masses long before Spike Lee was even born. Consider this, Dick Gregory 80 years old. Spike Lee, maybe 55. Dick was a world-renowned comedian before he became an activist and nutritionist. He told the truth then and is still telling it like it TIS! Do your research about ALL of black history and the key players, not just the ones that tell you what you want to hear. Shame on you! Anyone who has intelligence, the ability to write, obviously can make comments…hence yours! READ A BOOK! KNOW YOUR HISTORY! That's our problem as Black people; we have yet learned to appreciate and respect each others craft, and art! Always throwing each other under a bus, train, out a plane; and wonder why other races outpace us on so many levels. I'm not calling you out, just saying know ALL OF YOUR HISTORY and the HISTORIANS before you start holding up one against the other. Peace out!

  14. Adrienne D Watson says:

    As an educator, I have problems with people who post regularly, don't use proper English, grammar or spelling. Dick Gregory, albeit in the shadows, has never been irrelevant. African American is a proper noun and should be capitalized. Concerned ends in "ed". Do is the present tense of the word does. Dick Gregory although irrelevant, is literate, and doesn't hide behind his purported intelligence. IJS. Use a dictionary my person (don't know if you are male or female) if you are ever going to be taken seriously in your comments (the written word is parallel with how well one speaks. Glad this is only on paper) READING IS FUNDAMENTAL!

  15. Adrienne D Watson says:

    Gordon Nappyg Clay: Please try and help educate these young or maybe not so young pseudo-intellectuals!

  16. Adrienne D Watson says:

    Just as I figured. The only way an ignorant person can communicate when frustrated is through the use of profanity!

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