Artist Cbabi Bayoc Shows Many Sides of Fatherhood With “365 Days With Dad”

For the past year, artist and businessman Cbabi Bayoc has attempted to create a portrait a day of a father interacting with his kid.

The resulting project, titled “365 Days With Dad,” goes beyond showing fathers who go through the motions of parenthood, and shows engaging and teachable moments.

Originally from O’Fallon, Ill., Bayoc began this project as a means of stability. But over the course of a year it morphed into a means of preserving memories and encouraging parents to be their best selves when with their kids.

He has also used social media to create a following for his work. Bayoc posts his completed images on Facebook, allowing viewers to contact him to recreate memories shared with their own fathers. The images vary from the fun and lighthearted  — going fishing, piggyback rides — to the bittersweet and solemn — returning home from war, saying goodbye to a parent.

Though Bayoc fell short of completing 365 photos in 2012, he plans to finish the project this winter and find a place to exhibit his work…

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