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Kanye West, Kris Jenner Feuding Over New Home and Baby Announcement

Kanye West and Kris Jenner have been feuding ever since he announced Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy during his concert and the battle for control has been in full force ever since.

Kim may have a serious problem on her hands since both her mother and her boyfriend are serious control freaks.

The latest Kris VS Kanye battle ensued after the couple decided not to buy the home that Kris has already picked out for them.

As you can only imagine, Jenner wants her favorite daughter and future favorite grandbaby as close to her as possible so she picked out a home in her neighborhood for Kimye to move in to.

Kanye (knowing of Kris’s controlling ways) ditched the idea of living in Hidden Hills with the Kardashian clan and instead dropped $11 million on a new home in Bel Air.

Needless to say, Jenner isn’t too happy about Kim’s new boyfriend ruining her plans to take over Kimmy’s life.

“Kris is desperate to be close to Kim during her pregnancy,” a source close to the family revealed. “So she hand-picked a property for her daughter and Kanye in Hidden Hills. The home was in a gated community, was very palatial and an ideal setting for them to live privately away from the media glare.”

It seems like Mr. West would much rather pick his battle with the paparazzi than pick it with his future mother-in-law. Kanye has been able to control everything about his girlfriend – including her wardrobe. Living a few steps away from the Kardashian’s mom, however, means he will live the rest of his life butting heads with Jenner.

In addition to shooting down the idea of living in Kris’s neighborhood, Kanye also rejected the notion that Kim’s mom should have her own key.

“She wanted to be able to visit Kim as often as possible and come and go as and when she chose to,” the source continued. “Kris even suggested having her own key, but Kanye laid down the law. He said ‘hell no’ to the idea and told Kim he didn’t want to live near her mom.”

It looks like the battle for control of Kim is leaning in Yeezy’s favor.

The decision not to live in the home Kris picked for them isn’t the first time Kanye showed Kris who’s boss, however.

Sources suggest that the two have been feuding for quite some time because Mr. West feels like his girlfriend’s mom needs to stop meddling in his relationship.

Of course, any episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” would have shown Ye that if there is anything Kris isn’t willing to do, it’s stay out of her daughter’s life.

The good news is, there is one thing that Kris loves more than controlling Kim – money. And as long as Kanye doesn’t interfere with that…. O wait. He already has.

Remember Kanye’s big baby announcement at his concert that every tabloid got a hold of for FREE? Yea, Kimmy’s mom wasn’t too happy about that.

Jenner was in negotiations with Us Weekly who were ready to drop a large lump sum to be the first ones to break the baby news, but Kanye beat them to it.

“Sometimes the baby announcement sells more than the baby pics,” one insider revealed. Considering the fact that Kimye have already received a $3 million baby photo offer and Kim isn’t even showing a bump yet, the family could have easily raked in a few million if they let a major mag break the news instead of the baby daddy.

“Kris runs that family like a machine,” the insider explained. “She wanted the control over when and where they make their money. The [Us Weekly] contract states that they have Kourtney exclusively for two weeks, but they’re more interested in Kim.”

Kanye is taking away Kris’s power and money and we’re not sure how much longer the Kardashian queen will stand for it.

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