Jim Gaffigan's Reveals New Project For CBS Pilot

CBS is in works with helping Jim Gaffigan develop an proposed single-camera series that will follow the comedian’s life.

Gaffigan will be executive producer and writer alongside Peter Tolan (“Rescue Me”), Gaffigan will star as the happily married and harried father of five living in New York City.

Alex Murray (Gaffigan’s manager), will also be the executive producer on the Sony Television production, with the help of  Michael Wimer of Tolan’s Fedora Entertainment.

This isn’t the only show Gaffigan has starred in, being a part of a variety of television and film projects over the years, including TBS’ “My Boys”.  Recently the comedian won an Emmy for his 2012 comedy album “Mr. Universe”. Also you can get a copy of his newest family book entitled, “Dad is Fat,” that hits shelves this May.

Details on the title of the show have not been release, nor have the air date.



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