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Seth MacFarlane Delivers Uncensored Oscars Announcement

Seth MacFarlane pulled no punches when he and Emma Stone delivered the Oscar nominees this morning.

Nothing was off limits for Seth. He made jabs at himself, Harvey Weinstein, and even Adolf Hitler. Emma Stone helped diffuse the tension caused by MacFarlane’s line crossing jokes. Stone captivated the world with her lovable girlish charm and even made a few jabs herself.

MacFarlane was downright mean with some of his jokes, but nobody should be surprised. MacFarlane is famous for his crude, line crossing humor, he is the creator of Family Guy and Ted after all. Maybe his sense of humor will help the old men of the Academy relax a little…but probably not.

There were some major shocker snubs in nominations, most notably Ben Affleck, Katheryn Bigelow, and Quentin Taratino being left out for for Best Director. You can hear the audible gasp in the audience after the Best Director segment is finished and those names were left off. At this point, no film seems to have it “in the bag” like last years big winner, The Artist. The 2012 Oscars are still anyone’s game.

Between the host and the stunning nominations, the 85th Annual Academy Awards will be a most interesting night for Hollywood’s elite.

Watch this mornings nominations here:

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To see a complete list of nominees, click here.

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