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Where Does Honey Boo Boo's Money Go?

Have you ever wondered where the money from TLC’s Honey Boo Boo goes? According to Access Hollywood, the little diva Alana (also known as Honey Boo Boo by the rest of the world), and her family rake in between $15,000- $20,000 per episode.

So where does all the money from the hit show Honey Boo Boo go? Mama June has set up a trust fund for each of her daughters, including granddaughter, baby Kaitlyn. Each episode’s check is divided equally into accounts for Honey Boo Boo, 7; Lauryn, 12; Jessica, 15; Anna, 18, and her child, baby Kaitlyn.

Mama June has placed a hold on her daughter’s trusts until they reach the age of 21, however they will be able to access the money if they chose to use it for schooling, or need it for a medical emergency, June told TMZ.

Sugarbear, Honey Boo Boo’s father, is the provider in the family, working as a contractor seven days a week.  Mama June told TMZ, no matter how much money her and her family make from their reality show, they will never blow it all on material items.  Mama June went on to say, “You’re never gonna see me drive a Range Rover or a Mercedes. I’ll drive one if someone else pays for it. Never gonna live above my means.”

It appears that the family’s matriarch is smarter than most give her credit for. While most reality stars blow their money on moving into elaborate homes, makeovers, cars, etc. (Kate Gosselin), Mama June is actually looking out for her children and not spending their money on herself.

In last night’s Honey Boo Boo episode, Mama June let her daughters dye her hair blonde, since she did not want to go to the salon and spend hundreds of dollars on a makeover for herself.

So, while many viewers judge the family on their lack of class, I urge you to take a closer look at what’s really going on in this reality series about a dysfunctional redneck family. The family loves one another unconditionally, even Sugar Bear, who is only the biological father to Honey Boo Boo. He may not be Prince Charming to the eye, but he works hard to keep a roof over his family’s head.  Mama June is an extreme coupon-clipper who stockpiles necessity’s and doesn’t spend beyond her means, while all the girls are crazy and rambunctious, but spend their time bonding with one another and making their own fun around the house.  In an episode set in July, the family even put on a “Christmas in July” fundraiser at their home, where they donated all the profits to a charitable cause.

To the cameras, Honey Boo Boo looks like another trashy reality show, but if it gives this family a chance to give their daughters a better life. Remember, no one family is perfect, especially when you stick a camera or two in their home.


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