Tech Trends at CES 2013: Line Between Cars, Computers Disappears

“Cars are becoming rolling computers,” said Tom Coughlin, a consumer electronics consultant and member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It’s not simply that cars are becoming more technologically advanced, with richer sensors and better data, he said, but they’re also working more closely with existing gadgets that consumers are already carrying. Coughlin is part of the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show, when tech companies gather in Las Vegas to show off their latest gadgets. “Cars are a mobile application platform; [consumers are saying] let’s start configuring them in the way I want them to be.” Other tech trends to watch:

— Higher hi-def: There’s always a push to make high-definition screens even better, and this year is no different. Tech trend watchers are expecting to see high-definition televisions get even clearer, sharper and more accessible. The screen resolution on cellphones is also expected to get better, particularly as the screens creep up to and over the 5-inch mark.

Coughlin said he expects screens on laptops, computers and other devices to continue getting sharper while manufacturers also figure out how to have these screens use less energy overall.

— Video on demand: Samsung has already made clear that it’s planning to do something big in television, which is generally seen as the area of consumer electronics that’s most ripe for innovation and disruption. A teaser on Samsung’s “Tomorrow” blog hinted at a television with “unprecedented new TV shape and timeless design,” the Verge reported.

Whether it’s set-top boxes or smart TVs that offer more a la carte programming, consumers have made it clear that they want greater control over what they’re watching…

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