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BlackBerry Z10: Sneak Peek of Some Specs

Research In Motion will soon launch its line of BlackBerry 10 devices, and details about some of the parts have popped up online, confirming some suspicions about the smartphone’s specs.

The parts, obtained by ETrade Supply, include an LCD screen, touchscreen digitizer and both the rear and front housing assembly for the BlackBerry Z10 model.

The LCD screen is a 4.3-inch display, of which ETrade Supply has obtained two versions. The displays have slightly different sensor and camera hole placements. One also has a larger metal rim around the screen and the BlackBerry name branded on the front.

The screen without any BlackBerry branding could belong to an earlier prototype, or might be a separate model entirely.


The Z10 front casing shows slots for an HDMI-out port, micro USB port and a diagram suggesting it will take a SIM card under the battery.

The rear casing shows an SD card slot and covers most of the Z10’s back, with a large gap where the battery and battery cover will go.

The front and rear casing obtained by ETrade appear to be for different models based on how the screw placement aligns. Like the two screens, this could be due to parts from an earlier prototype or a second Z10 model.

The entire casing is 5.2 inches tall by 2.9 inches wide, while the casing and screen assembled are about 0.37 inches thick.

Not long now

The BlackBerry Z10 will be the touchscreen version of RIM’s new line of smartphones that will launch alongside the QWERTY-equipped Blackberry 10 N-Series.

Two other BlackBerry 10 devices were recently approved by the Federal Communications Commission. Details are scarce on the two unnamed BB10 handsets, though one could be tied to the mismatched screen and rear casing from the newly leaked parts…

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