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Bobby Womack Talks His Early Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Bobby Womack has revealed that he is suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

Bobby Womack’s health has become a frequent topic of discussion over the past 12 months. Returning with his beautiful album The Bravest Man In The Universe the soul legend successfully fought a battle against cancer after its release.

Now, though, the songwriter has again been forced to go public with fears over his health. Speaking to Gilles Peterson on 6Music, Bobby Womack revealed that his doctors have detected early signs of Alzheimer’s. “The doctor said you have signs of Alzheimer’s,” he said. “He said it’s not bad yet but it’s going to get worse. How can I not remember songs that I wrote? That’s frustrating.”

Recorded with Richard Russell and Damon Albarn, recent shows have seen Bobby Womack joined onstage with his ‘Bravest Man…’ collaborators. Referring to this, the soul icon explained: “The most embarrassing thing is I’ll be ready to announce Damon and can’t remember his last name.”

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