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Former Turks and Caicos Premier Requests Transfer From Brazilian Prison

Former Turks and Caicos Islands premier Michael Misick is prepared to return to the country and face the criminal charges that await him. Misick is currently being held by Brazilian authorities after being arrested last month. A handwritten letter and press release from the former leader expressed his desire to return to TCI, and that a formal extradition would not be necessary.

“He has called on the Turks and Caicos Islands government, the British government and Latin American governments to intervene on his behalf to ensure his release from unlawful detention in Brazil,” an article in the Turks and Caicos Sun read.

According to the article, Misick, 46, also told the UK Consulate that there would be no need for an extradition request because he wanted to return to TCI. In his press release, Misick claimed that he hasn’t seen the sun in three weeks, as of December 24. He was captured on December 7 at Rio due Janeiro’s Santos Dumont airport, and has been jailed in Ary Franco prison.

Misick served as TCI’s premier from 2003-2009, but resigned under the pressure of multiple corruption scandals. His assets within the Turk and Caicos Islands were frozen in June 2011, and state authorities considered criminal charges. In the 16-page handwritten letter, Misick maintains that he was in Brazil illegally, despite having an application for political asylum denied.

The Misick family is deeply involved within the political web of TCI, but in 2008 Michael was asked to step down from the Progressive National Party (PNP) that he led. He was also once married to American actress and fashion designer LisaRaye McCoy.

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7 thoughts on “Former Turks and Caicos Premier Requests Transfer From Brazilian Prison

  1. Lamar TheStar says:

    I know LisaRaye got a GOOD chuckle from all of this lol.

  2. Lisa Raye need to prepare for what Misick told the IRS people that visited him in Brazil jail. 1 million dollar contracts that she never reported……

  3. Diana Edley says:

    yesssssssssss I know LisaRaye is laughing her ass off!

  4. Cynthia Diana Cornelius says:

    You cannot do bad and expect good outcomes.

  5. Watch out ladies, you think you've hit the jackpot and you find out the that pot is full of [email protected]*%. Lol

  6. Kimberly Nelson Thomas says:

    So thaaaaaats why she never got any money when they divorced. Karma is a beast!!!!!!

  7. Cynthia Diana Cornelius says:

    She does have to take responsibilty and accountability for her part as well.

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