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Ann Curry "Begs" NBC To Break Contract

Former Today show co-host, Ann Curry, is apparently begging NBC to release her from her non-compete contract, so she can join the CNN news family. Earlier this year, the NBC Today show co-host was let go from her position so she could fulfill a new role with the network.

According to TMZ, NBC network sources said they would pay Ann Curry at least $10 million to leave the Today show, even though her contract had not expired. Although Curry had worked for NBC for 15 years, they still bought out her contract to remove her from the current Today show co-host position. The sudden release from her dream position in July of 2012, is said to be from the show’s drop in ratings, Curry’s lack of chemistry with her co-host Matt Lauer, and her suitability for hard news.

The rumor mill is in full force today, with Ann Curry’s name being spewed left and right.  Apparently Curry is asking fellow NBC employees to release her from her contract in order to be eligible for a high-profile position with CNN. The host’s former boss, Jeff Zucker, ex-president and CEO of NBC Universal and now current president at CNN Worldwide, is the one desperately seeking Curry for the job. However, there is one big problem; she is locked into a non-compete contract with NBC, stating that she cannot obtain a position with another news outlet for years.

A “source” told RadarOnline, “She has formally asked her attorney to explore exit options from the network. However, NBC bosses have indicated they are unwilling to release Ann from the contract.” NBC breached their contract with Curry when they demoted her from the Today show co-host position, therefore Curry feels that her contract should not be upheld.

Hopefully there will be confirmed news in the next few days with an answer to everyone’s questions: Will Curry leave NBC for a new position at CNN without having to break her contract? Check back for a followup article later in the week.

If you cannot place a face to Ann Curry, or you want to relive her tearful goodbye from the NBC couch, watch her emotional sendoff below:

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