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Restaurants in Morocco Forgoing Exotic Floor Shows in Favor of Authentic Flavor

Around ten years ago, you can go to any restaurant in Marrakesh and for sure your plate will be served with some exotic floor shows complete with drummers and belly dancers. With all the frenzy your palate will really have a hard time distinguishing what’s bad and what’s not. Faux food, faux flavor and real Moroccan food done better in places like Berlin or San Francisco.

Today’s story is a few miles different. Restaurants have gone back to the roots and tap dadas, female cooks who make the best home dishes. The meals made by dadas are featured along side creations of young local chefs.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Morocco where you can meet the real local flavors to make your holiday memorable:

Classic Moroccan Flavors

La Maison Arabe is the pioneer Marrakesh boutique in medina that is why they prepare their food with heart and mind. Their culinary vision is owed to Fabrizio Ruspoli, the owner. His restaurant, called Les Trois Saveurs, recovers the struggling Moroccan dish, tagine. Didier Levy’s, a famous chef, infamous tagine is saffron, sesame, ginger, onions, seeds, and turmeric-roused tour de force, made its savory lamb spiced possess sunny sweetness with caramelized oranges added. No less delicious is the combo of peaches, which are sun-dried, pogeon pastille, and chicken tagine.
You will be led by a dada after signing up for this hotel’s cooking tutorial sessions – they disclose the recipe secrets of their tribe passed through generations.

Street Food of Morocco

Every night amidst dusk, the central square of the medina, Djemaa el Fna, converts to an array of buffet full of street-foods. The vendors prepare their tables and cooking stations which are numbered, smoke begin to diffuse to the billowing clouds.

To avoid having the “tourist belly,” more likely to happen here in Morocco than in anywhere in the world, be mindful and abide several basic rules: Prevents stalls that build up their complicated food displays, that are cooking large amount of dishes, and are packed with travelers. Go for stalls that draw attention of locals and concentrate in a couple of signatures dishes only. Focusing on fresh snails in bowls with broth of rousing thyme, green tea leaves, seeds, red chilies, and mint are stalls number 1 to 6. Stall #94 (and the one front of it without a number…

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