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Michael Vick Unwilling to Restructure Contract with Eagles

Quarterback Michael Vick is unwilling to restructure his contract with the Philadelphia Eagles to remain with the team next season, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

A source close to the Inquirer, told the newspaper that Vick is not willing to renegotiate his deal, in which he is schedule to make $15.5 million in base salary next season.

The Inquirer reports that if the Eagles release Vick by Feb. 6, they will be relieved of having to pay him the guaranteed $3 million in his deal.

The 32-year-old Vick and Eagles agreed on six-year contract worth $100 million in August before the start of the season. According to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter at the time roughly $40 million of the deal was guaranteed.

One possible reason that Vick may be unwilling to restructure his contract is because coming into the season he still owed creditors in his bankruptcy case $19 million, according to Miami businessman Joseph Luzinski. Luzinski is the man in charge of paying back creditors in Vick’s bankruptcy.

Luzinski told ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” that if Vick earns the $100 million during the six years, the creditors should be repaid in full. But that now appears to be in doubt if the Eagles choose to part ways with Vick before the Feb. 6 deadline.

The Eagles are left with two options if they choose to keep Vick after the deadline. They can either rework his deal or opt to trade him to another team.

Vick was asked Friday if he would like to return to the Eagles next season.

“I have to just sit back and think about what has transpired and look at the situation as a whole,” he said. “Of course, you would like to come back and play. I love the organization and I love what they’ve done for me. … But if not, it’s been wonderful and I understand the nature of this business. At some point, we all got to move on.”

Vick will make his first start Sunday since suffering a concussion in 38-23 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 11. Rookie quarterback Nick Foles replaced Vick even though he had been cleared to return. Foles suffered a hairline fracture of the second metacarpal on his throwing hand in a loss against the Washington Redskins last week.

Vick has thrown for 2,165 yards, 11 touchdowns and nine touchdowns this season, but is excited to return in the season finale against the New York Giants.

“Maybe a little rust, but who knows?” Vick said Friday. “I haven’t taken a live game snap in 8 weeks. I’m pretty sure the game hasn’t changed too much, and I pretty much know what to expect going in. I’m very excited about it and confident.”

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10 thoughts on “Michael Vick Unwilling to Restructure Contract with Eagles

  1. I think what Andy Reid did for Michael Vick was him a chance to play and.
    getting back to football….However I think he undermined him when he was benched for so long…Then to throw him in the last game and expect him to do wonders…What a bad idea…i also wonder if Andy Reid already had his feelers out way before the end of the season…He probably just needed to get away after so much personal tradegy…..I hope both Andy and.
    Mikhael benefit from all the changes…..

  2. Malcolm May says:

    How do you owe that much money in only a few years of professional sports? He didn't buy the stadium by chance?

  3. Sam Harrell says:

    They give him a job and he does this? He is a sleeze bag punk.

  4. so long sport!(if fighting dogs can be called a sport) wish you'd never darkened our doorstep, it was hard to imagine a new low for Philly, but, then there was you. can't imagine anyone else offering a job, you're a non-performer, always have been…. maybe andy in k.c., he doesn't seem to be wrapped too tight.

  5. Sylva Smith says:

    He's a legend only in his own mind… bad karma to the team that signed him, as I predicted. Couldn't happen to a better team. Losers all around…

  6. Sylva Smith says:

    Vick was hurt more than he played this year anyway before he got benched. He's nothing but a thug – always has been and always will be.

  7. Will Jamison says:

    I wish Vick nothing but the worst. Now that his career is on the skids he will start showing his true colors again. He'll be into something illegal and end up in jail again. Drop dead, punk.

  8. Let Vick go. He is too short, left handed and injury prone.

  9. Anonymous says:

    and youre a moron!

  10. Akbar Love says:

    Mv7 i love the game and i love what Vick did
    For the game. Look at the new bread of QB's coming in the game to..

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