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Spielberg Creates Adapation Of UK 'The Syndicate'

Famous film director, Steven Spielberg, who brought us movies such as Super 8 and Lincoln, will make another attempt on the small screen after acquiring the rights to a popular British television series. He and wife Kate Capshaw loved the BBC show The Syndicate so much he decided to discuss creating an America adaptation with the show’s writer, Kay Mellor.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Syndicate, It is a fictional British television show about five supermarket workers who enter a syndicate and win the lottery, each episode revolving around a character.

Spielberg is currently in the process of filming the US pilot, which is expected to air on U.S television some time next year.

Mellor told British newspaper The Sun, “He told me that he and his wife were avid fans of the show and he is now having a pilot episode written for U.S. network ABC, based on the British version.”

The British writer believed that it was some sort of joke, when her agent told her that Spielberg wanted to make an American version of her television show. Especially since she had to wait four days for a phone call from Spielberg.  He finally called her while she was at home wearing pajamas and writing the script for season two of The Syndicate.



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