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Gay Marriage Makes Great Strides, with Supreme Court about to Weigh In

As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to tackle the issue of gay marriage, recent trends indicate that the country is on the verge of major transformation on this issue, with nine states on the East and West Coasts allowing same-sex marriage and Illinois possibly about to become the second state in the Midwest to allow it.

In the wake of the November election, Illinois Democrats are about to have a so-called “super majority” in both Houses of the Illinois state legislature.

Chicago state Senator Heather Steans will introduce a gay marriage proposal next week, according to Rikeesha Phelon, spokeswoman for Illinois Senate President John Cullerton.

“The Senate president and Senator Steans are confident they have the votes to pass a same-sex marriage bill,” Phelon told the Chicago Tribune.

If passed, it would make Illinois the 10th state to legalize same-sex marriage.

This movement comes as CNN talk show host Piers Morgan created more controversy during an interview with faith leader Rick Warren by suggesting the Bible needs to be rewritten.

“Both the Bible and the Constitution were well intentioned but they are basically, inherently flawed. Hence, the need to amend it,” Morgan said while interviewing Pastor Warren on his CNN show.

“Not a chance,” Warren said. “What I believe is flawed is human opinion, because it constantly changes.”

“But you and I know the Bible is, in many places, a flawed document,” Morgan continued. “My point to you about gay rights for example—it’s time for an amendment to the Bible. You should compile a new Bible.”

When Morgan called for a rewriting of the “flawed” U.S. Constitution to take away gun ownership rights, it prompted a petition drive on the White House petition site to have him deported back to the UK—garnering more than 84,000 signatures so far.

But as a piece in the Christian Science Monitor pointed out, it is in the U.S. military where the same-sex marriage laws are the most difficult to justify—and which would see the biggest change if the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act that declares a spouse can only be of the opposite sex, a provision that has already been declared unconstitutional by 8 federal courts.

Even when gay couples are legally married under state law, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) forbids the US government from treating such military couples as married, which denies the partner such benefits as housing, medical care, and survivor benefits should they die while serving their country. The Monitor story chronicles the case of Chief Warrant Officer Charlie Morgan, who has terminal breast cancer and is concerned that her surviving spouse won’t be entitled to the same benefits as a heterosexual spouse when she dies.

There is an “exhaustive list” of benefits that same-sex spouses do not receive, Zeke Stokes, spokesman for OutServe-Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, an advocacy organization in Washington, told the Monitor.

For example, because the military doesn’t allow same-sex spouses to live off-base with their partners, one is forced to live on base while the other lives off-base, incurring the expense of two households. In addition, same-sex spouses aren’t allowed to shop in the base grocery store.

Stokes recounted the story of a same-sex spouse who had permission from the base command to shop at the commissary, but only to buy items for the child she had with her partner. So when she went shopping, she had to justify each item and tell the cashier why it was specifically for her child.

“Those sorts of things can sometimes be as psychologically damaging as not having health care,” he says. “Because it’s so publicly humiliating.”

Morgan said she and her partner Karen and their daughter Casey had a similar experience on a recent “bucket list” vacation in Hawaii.

“I had my ID card, and Casey had hers, but Karen was told she couldn’t go in. Karen does all the shopping for our family, and Casey was asking, ‘Mama, why can’t Mommy come?’ ” Morgan says. “It was embarrassing – plus, as the caretaker in our family, Karen is the one who knows what we like to eat, not me.”


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7 thoughts on “Gay Marriage Makes Great Strides, with Supreme Court about to Weigh In

  1. Despite what some courts have claimed, there is no constitutional mandate for legally recognizing gay marriage, especially not with respect to the 14th Amendment, which advocates for gay marriage constantly (and some courts) abuse and misuse in an effort to justify it.

    The reason has to do with the essence of the 14th Amendment. To boil it down, this concept has to do with the phrases, "equal protection under the law" and "due process of law." What this means is that equal conditions require equal consideration.

    The fact is that homosexuality is not the equal of the conditions to which activists erroneously compare it. Two of the most prominent examples consist of race or gender on the one hand and heterosexuality on the other.

    Concerning the former, homosexuality bears no resemblance whatsoever to race and gender. These latter two traits are solely genetic and produce conditions (skin color and sex), which are beyond the control of the person having the condition. Even if that person should undergo treatment or surgery to alter their outward appearance, they genetically remain what they were before the procedure. Homosexuality, in comparison, results from a complex mix of genetic, biologic, and cultural factors, which (unlike race and gender) do not guarantee a homosexual outcome. Rather, they impart a greater tendency for it, especially in societies that encourage same-sex behavior through marriage, the media, or education. This is because these influences are cultural factors, which, in turn, influence the cultural factor for homosexuality.

    Substantiating this condition is research from Dr. Ritch C. Savin-Williams, a clinical psychologist at Cornell University. Writing in his book, "The New Gay Teenager," Savin-Williams believes that homosexuality and same-sex behavior is becoming more commonplace. The reasons, he states, are the media and our school curriculum – two very powerful cultural factors.

    So powerful, in fact, that they're equally influential or more so with respect to heterosexuality and opposite-sex behavior. TV, movies, video games, and magazines in the checkout stand at the grocery store are heavily sexualized, producing a heavy cultural influence on engaging in relations outside marriage, especially among the young. Such an influence isn't surprising, given how heterosexuality results from the same three factors that homosexuality results from, although the former (according to Savin-Williams) is far more ingrained and likely to occur than the latter.

    However, the similarity between the two orientations abruptly ends here. Heterosexuality involves human physiology that's designed for opposite sex behavior and, in the overwhelming majority of instances, results in human life. Further, if society strongly encourages this behavior in marriage, it remains monogamous in the overwhelming number of marriages with infidelity occurring in only 25% of marriages and not on a serial basis. It also improves the financial and/or emotional being of both the husband and the wife and the best environment for raising their children, as proven by New Family Structures Study performed by researchers working at the University of Texas. Thus, society has a strong interest in recognizing heterosexual behavior in marriage and promoting with financial and legal incentives.

    In contrast, society has no interest in doing the same for same-sex behavior. Further, shouldn't do so because recognizing gay marriage would only encourage a very unhealthy activity – same-sex behavior. Even in the rare instances that it occurs among only two people, it involves human physiology that's not designed for same-sex behavior. As a result, homosexuals are multiple times more likely than heterosexuals on a per person basis to experience serious bodily damage and disease. For HIV/AIDS, alone, homosexuals are 44 times more likely to contract it than heterosexuals; for anal cancer, it's up to 9000 times, which doesn't even include hepatitis, certain types of cancers, STDS, and gastrointestinal illness to which homosexuals are far more susceptible than straights.

    There's other problems as well. First, there's relational instability. Among men, homosexual relationships are non-monogamous. Among both sexes, they're far more likely to end in divorce in jurisdictions that recognize gay marriage. For male homosexuals, this could be partly due to the fact that they're far more likely to experience domestic violence and verbal abuse or disagreement. For women, it's probably more of the latter. Then there's a greater likelihood for emotional and mental problems, even in countries, like the Netherlands, which is highly accepting of homosexuality.

    The end result of these facts is something society should never encourage through marriage. Rather it's appropriate legal category is the one in which we place other problematic behaviors, like smoking, drinking, and gambling. In other words, leave it to consenting adults without legal recognition in marriage, which would only encourage a very unhealthy activity and condemn children to being adopted into, and having to live in, homosexual households, which produces suboptimum outcomes for children, based on the University of Texas study, mentioned above.

    To see a list of peer-reviewed scientific references on which this post is based and a summary of this research, please see the essay at:


  2. "Writing in his book, "The New Gay Teenager," Savin-Williams believes that homosexuality and same-sex behavior is becoming more commonplace. The reasons, he states, are the media and our school curriculum – two very powerful cultural factors."

    No, Dr. Savin-Williams, who has written for the Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide where I picked up my quote, doesn't believe that. This is what he believes:

    "Young people with same-sex attractions are now freer than ever to be themselves, comfortable with their sexuality, because they live in a youth culture that is increasingly nonchalant about diverse sexualities. This cohort believes that same-sex partners should have the option to marry, can't imagine that parents oppose gay teachers in their schools, and embraces media and marketing that explicitly portray same-sex lives and homoeroticism. In sum, they wish that their elders would just “get over it” and learn to treat all people with respect."

    It's not being in the closet about one's sexuality that is becoming more commonplace. Moral people care about treating all people with respect. Sexual diversity makes life a little more interesting and culturally richer.

    In any case, the one thing that "race" and "homosexuality" have in common is that they're both blurring, fading social constructs, that have acquired a whole lot of baggage, like discredited science and abuse by people who think that their fantasies of a God-orgained privilege are more important that equality under the law and the Golden Rule.

    Racists were saying pretty much the same things you are saying about "the other" back when I was a kid. Doing to science studies what you just did with Dr. Savin-Williams. Heaping minority stress upon others while not taking responsibility for the consequences of anomie and fatalism. Prohibiting to others what you allow for yourself. And…what I call "theoporn," that self righteous addiction to the alleged sex lives of "the other."

    Sure, the Gay community has it's particular health problems. They're not the only community in that regard. I have a genetic disease that's more common among my ethnic group than with others. Many communities are having obesity problems. There is a proper way to address those problems and then there is your way…which abuses statistics and cherry picks and distorts science studies to pile even more minority stress upon already stressed minorities.

  3. Ken Sprague says:

    You sir, are an idiot.

  4. Ken Sprague

    OK, Ken, so disprove what I wrote with fact based rebuttal that uses reputable and peer-reviewed research, like I did. If you don't and I seriously doubt you will, who will be the idiot then, Ken? It certainly won't be me – on that you can be certain!

  5. Matt Skylers says:

    Milford William, you sir are an idiot. You clearly know not of what you speak. Most of what you have said is wildly untrue. Let me ask, do you believe in unicorns too? I am confident in the end Gay Marriage will be recognized federally by individual state law if not all 50 states together. With Illinois on the verge of approving and 9 states in the bag, add to that gay marriage being handled by the supreme court, already ruled on in favor of by 8 federal courts soon you will see an America with at least 10 states, one district of Colombia and a federal government recognizing gay marriage. You may not like it, but I suggest you accepted it and move on. What does it matter to you anyway. Are you a gay person? just to note, I have been married to my Husband for 8 years. We are, like most couples completely monogamous. Have no health issues, and we are planning to have a child this year…Your argument is invalid sir.

  6. Anecdotal evidence, like you just described, doesn't count. Instead, provide a fact-based rebuttal, using reputable sources, as I have, proving me wrong. Unless you do, it will prove what millions already know, which is that you have no justification for legally recognizing gay marriage, except a deeply selfish an selfing desire that's devoid of any care for the damage it will cause, including the damage you'll inflict on the child that will be so unfortunate as to be adopted by you into a homosexual setting.

    Read the New Family Structures Study by Mark Regnerus of Univ. of Texas, proving why the best thing you can do is to care more about the welfare of the child about your your own selfish desires and let it be adopted by a family headed by one man and one woman, who are married to one another.

  7. The only reason you Bozos think it's more commonplace is because more of us are living our truth rather than cowering in the closet our whole lives in deference to haters and bigots. Chew on that.

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