Pro Bowl Snubs The Buzz Around The NFL

Since everyone cannot make the Pro Bowl, there are always outcries and outrage about who did not get the free trip to Hawaii. How can rookie Robert Griffin III make it, but not Tony Romo, who has put up phenomenal numbers? The Kansas City Chiefs — the Chiefs — get five players in?

It is like that every year. Every year players and fans alike scratch their head over some of the names not a part of the original invitees.

Here are three of the most notable exclusions:

* Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys: The receiver settled in after a rough start and has become perhaps the most dangerous weapon in the game. Despite off-the-field troubles and a broken finger, Bryant has exploded. He has taken over as Tony Romo’s favorite target, and rightfully so. He’s too big to defend one-on-one and too strong to tackle with one defender.

He seems to concentrate more than earlier in the season, so the drops are less frequent. He plays hard and makes plays.

* Richard Sherman, Seattle Seeahawks: The tough cornerback has been a playmaker all season, and is the only player in NFL history with five interceptions, three forced fumbles, two touchdowns and a sack in the same season.

Sherman has been caught up in a performance-enhancing drug case that he has appealed. It was announced Thursday that he won the appeal and will not have to serve a four-game suspension. “Congrats to Richard Sherman for winning his appeal! Happy for him & it’ll be great to have him with us as we move forward,” coach Pete Carroll posted on Twitter.

* C.J. Spiller, Buffalo: This dynamic running back is third in the AFC  in yards from scrimmage. He averages — get this —  6.48 yards per carry, which is almost unbelievable. It’s the highest rushing average through the first 15 games of an NFL season since 1960.

It does not help Spiller that he plays for the BIlls, who, after a promising last season, degenerated into the Bills of recent decades. Being awesome on a losing team, unfortunately, takes away from the strength of the performances.



* Alfred Morris, Washington Redskins:


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