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Bo Obama Crashes FLOTUS Reading Session at Children's Hospital

bo obama michelle obama readingBo Obama gets his way, like it or not. The adorable Portuguese Water dog made its way to the first lady Michelle Obama’s lap as she read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ at a Washington area children’s hospital.

According to the DailyMail,

He seemed quite comfy as well, since he didn’t move from the position throughout the seven minute session.

Bo is significantly larger than the former First Dog, Barney, who was a small Scottish terrier, and Portuguese Water Dogs can weigh up to 55 pounds.

That was no matter for Michelle, however, as she gamefully played along and even jokingly held the book out so that the 4-year-old pup could ‘read’ along.

Though the First Lady visited the Children’s National Medical Center on December 14, the video was not released until Christmas Eve, in keeping with the theme of the story.

Bo, who’s considered something of a celebrity around the white house has become an intricate part during Christmas. Author Coleen Christian Burke said on CNN’s ‘Starting Point’ earlier this week,

“This year we have Bo-flakes. If you go through, you should find the ornaments that have Bo’s paw prints on them. There are always Bo sculptures and Bo cookies. He is a big, big part of the White House at Christmas.”

Watch the cute video of Bo Obama hoping on Michelle’s lap below:

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