Michael Vick To Start One More Time For Eagles

Micheal Vick, who would like to forget much of this season — and probably has because of the multiple concussions he has suffered — will get one more chance to start for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Rookie Nick Foles broke his thrown hand throwing hand in the Eagles’ 27-20 defeat to the Washington Redskins, opening the way for one more start with the team few expect him to be with next year.

“There’s a pretty good chance Michael will be the starter,” coach Andy Reid said. “That’s what we’re looking at right now. That’s the direction I’m going as we speak right now.”

Vick suffered a concussion on Nov. 11 against the Dallas Cowboys and has not played since then, even after getting healthy.

Said Vick in USA Today: “”I’m just trying to take the best approach, and have a sense of gratitude more than anything. Obviously, I wish things would have been different. It could have been different. But I’ve got to just keep pushing forward.”

“You’re talking about a pretty good quarterback here that has a lot of experience,” Reid said of Vick. “I think he’ll be excited to be out there and I think he’ll do a good job.”

With Foles as starter, the Eagles went 1-5.

Vick, who was 3-6 as a starter, was a turnover-waiting-to-happen when he was playing.

“I think he’s a winning quarterback or he’s a quarterback that gives your team an opportunity to win,” Reid said. “I think you’re seeing him in a unique situation where he comes in later in the season. You look at the young quarterbacks who’ve had an opportunity to come up through and they’ve had time here to grow.

“It wasn’t really pretty when they first began and it continued to pick up as they got games under their belts. Nick got thrown in when other teams were working to their peaks. He was thrown in in that situation.

“He has enough skill and ability to play.”

Foles, who will heal in about three weeks, said his injury impacted his performance. “I banged it up a little in the first half,” he said. “It didn’t affect my throwing at all.”

“He was in quite a little bit of pain,” Reid said of Foles, who threw for 345 yards. “I know at one point he was having a tough time squeezing the ball when we went into halftime. He’s a tough kid and never said a word about it. He pushed himself through and did a good job.”

“It’s frustrating because I’m hard on myself and I want to win, but I’m going to keep working hard, and I know my teammates are, too,” Foles said after Sunday’s loss. “We’re going to keep sticking together. It’s been a tough year.”

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