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Chad Michael Murray To Star In 'Left Behind' Remake

Chad Michael Murray is in the works to star in the remake of Left Behind, alongside Nicholas Cage. In the triller, the former One Tree Hill actor will be portraying the role that Kirk Cameron played in the orginal, Cameron “Buck” Williams.

Left Behind is a film series based on best-selling Christian-Fiction novels written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, about the people who were left behind after the rapture that rid the Earth of all Christians. The book series sold over 65 million copies worldwide. Left Behind was first adapted for a series of films, starring Kirk Cameron starting in 2001, but since has changed it’s tune.

Paul Lalonde, who wrote the orginial Left Behind , will team up with John Patus, the author of the last installment of the series Left Behind: World at War, to write the new screenplay.

Left Behind is slated to come to theaters in 2014 and will star Chad Micahel Murray and Nicholas Cage. The film will be directed by Vic Armstrong.

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