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Spike Lee: ‘Django Unchained Disrespectful to My Ancestors’

Ok, so maybe it’s not exactly much of a surprise.

Although, compared to what Jamie Foxx said Spike Lee shared with him of his stance on the upcoming film (which opens on X-mas day), this is much less vague.

‘‘I’m not going to say anything bad about this film. It looks like y’all are getting it,” is what Jamie said Spike told him, when they talked about the film. I suppose that could’ve been interpreted in any number of ways. From our POV, it looked like Spike was indeed giving Jamie his blessing – especially when he says, “it looks like y’all are getting it.

Skip ahead about a week to today, in a new interview with Spike Lee (courtesy of Vibe TV), in which he’s much more candid and clearer on how he feels about Django Unchained.

“I cant speak on it ’cause I’m not gonna see it… All I’m going to say is that it’s disrespectful to my ancestors. That’s just me… I’m not speaking on behalf of anybody else.”

And as for how we here at S&A feel about the movie, there’s a nice one-two punch of opinions…

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22 thoughts on “Spike Lee: ‘Django Unchained Disrespectful to My Ancestors’

  1. Am I the only person who has an aching urge to tell Spike to stfu on a regular basis?

  2. Kieristen Arquez Holden says:

    If you are not sick and tiered of slave movies by now you might have Stockholm syndrome.

  3. In order for me to have Stockholm Syn. I would've had to been a slave, seeing how its 2012, and not the 1800's, me and you know nothing of that pain, we know Racism, we don't know slavery. And from what I've been reading and seeing in the previews the movie isn't based around slavery, its about one slave, and a bounty hunter fighting to find the former slave's love interest. Culture is suppose to challenge your feelings and be thought provoking, if you can't deal with that, its something wrong with you not me.

  4. His opinion is irrelevant! How can he say the movie is disrespectful to his ancestors if he hasn't seen it?

  5. Carl Patton says:

    My thing is being a movie maker myself would a black director get money to make a film like this? I will go see the movie based on the fact I like QT and his films.

  6. have u ever heard of mental slavery . physical slavery was in th 1800's . the 21st century is the mental slavery era.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think you can understand where Spike Lee Is coming from. Spike referred to slavery as black people in america's holocaust. He use the word holocaust because he is saying Jewish controlled Hollywood would never make a film of a western or comedy with the holocaust as a back drop and this is true. I agree that our ancestors whose shoulder we all stand on we should always honor them. Slavery was not a western or a Joke It was our holocaust and should treat It as such…

  8. I'll put it this way, so someone like yourself and ol'girl can understand crystal clear…What makes a person a slave? By definition, "A person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them"…Mental Slavery is the inability to view events, or one's self, differently from commonly held beliefs. It makes a person self destructive and self hating. Mental slavery may cause the victim to sell out family members, coworkers, and anyone else who possess a different mindset. A mental slave will not investigate nor research history or current events. They have a nasty habit of accepting and believing what is told to them, whether it's true or not. So with that quick lil summery tell me again how I'm a mental slave to anything other then the paycheck I get up every morning to earn, a right my ancestors died for? You are a slave to your sensitivity no one has even seen the movie yet, but since Spike didn't like it, and its has something to do with slavery, and a white guy directed it, its bad, and I'm wrong for calling yall stupid. I'm not saying go out and see the movie in hoards, what I'm saying is make up your own mind, not because Spike said he wasn't going to see it, because Spike is always worrying about what other people are doing. To say something is disrespectful to your ancestors but not explain how in fact its disrespectful, and how he would know not seeing the movie, because it hasn't come out yet and he stated he wasn't going to see it??? It makes no sense because spike has no grounds for his statement, he is just yapping out the side of his face because he didn't make the movie. When The Boondocks aired on TV, did we hear Spike's commentary on how he felt about the show??? Mind you it wasn't about slavery but it was disrespectful as hell, we as black people have done more to DISRESPECT PEOPLE WHO DIED FIGHTING FOR OUR CIVIL RIGHTS, LET ALONE THE SLAVES, IN THE LAST 25YRS then any 1 movie could ever do…So tell Spike to have a cool back seat and STFU and all of yall replying to defend his hating ass can sit down with him lmao

  9. Actually the same director Spike is coming down on, made that very movie you just described…its called Inglorious Bastards.

  10. Sylvia Celeste Deaderick says:

    Spike Lee? The same cat that made "She's Got To Have It" which portrayed a woman as loose and fickle has nerve. He's done a couple good pieces but for the most part he's not a household name. QT is a power house that pack audiences regardless of the actors. Poor Spike!

  11. Too many of us are easily impressed when a white man does a Black film. You call Spike out for a loose character in She's Gotta have It but ignore the "Powerhouse" Quentin Tarintino's gratuitous rape of Ving Rhames's character in Pulp Fiction.

  12. Gino Henry says:

    disrespectful to your ancestors? oh, "she's gotta have it" wasn't disrespectful to your ancestors? get a grip, stop being so judgemental when you are in the same buisness as tarantino…

  13. Gino Henry says:

    right on the money, sylvia! I like spike, but he overstepped his boundaries on this one…

  14. Gino Henry says:

    Derrell MercillessMuzik Bogan you should be a director with insight like that…if your music doesn't work out, think about directing…

  15. Sylvia Celeste Deaderick says:

    Sayeed don't misoverstand. I do Spike too but he went just a tad over the top in the "disrespecting the ancestors". That was too too much on it and he comes off jealous-hearted yet again. Impressed by talent, I stand accused. Tarintino is talented and a box office success. Spike is talented and not a box office success. Perhaps if he got Tarintino or Perry chips he'd stop crying like a baby every time a film maker has a hit. Spike exploits the black dilemma like the rest is all I'm saying. No really quit crying is what I'm saying!

  16. Keari BwoOmari says:

    Obviously….former Africans have much to say about the emotions n nothing about the image. Image is everything….that's why there's a profession called 'studying wall paintings' aka images. I'm sure that isn't the tech name but u get the drift. Now..back to my reference point…pointedly @ Derrell MercilessMusik Bogan…ur viewpoints, though they seem well thought out, your middle name shows how seriously I should take your opinion and also exactly where ur heart is, with the easily changed aka bought…"what's ur real name…and not ur stripper…ahem rapper name." The fact that @ this day and age….of the History channel showing a summery…sorry that was ur great english…..summary of who you are as human being…then I'm sure u are willing to accept the fact that no one in ur future generation will ever have been a free man but rather…only a slave….sooo even if u have children millions of times over….you are stuck. Good luck uncle tomusik…show mercy on me with your opinion…it really means a shit load to this Zulu man. Its people like u that remind me why it was important to sell than buy…..

  17. Keari BwoOmari says:

    Ayo, since you've obviously figured out the unnecessary part of what ur history entails…can you please stop embarassing us real Afrikans with your face coupled with uncle tom's thoughts?! They really just hold us rebel/revolutionary thinkers back….soo far back infact that it becomes necessary for someone like me to waste my time to address u.

  18. Khalil Maasi says:

    Until the Lions get the chance to tell his own tale the story of the Hunter will be the one filled with honor and glory… African Proverbial Slang.

  19. Khalil Maasi says:

    Until the Lions get the chance to tell his own tale the story of the Hunter will be the one filled with honor and glory… African Proverb

  20. Victor Arnez says:

    Damn! Why can't sisters try supporting a brother for a change. I love the movie and i wish spike would reconsider and see it and then speak on it. But, I am not going to DOG spike. If it wasn't for him doing 'the right thing' many of us would still be trying to get into the door. Give a brother a break! or at least a little respect!

  21. Tanesha Littlejohn Berry says:

    CARL…GREAT QUESTION…HELL NO..We have no power in Hollywood.

  22. Marcus Smith says:


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