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Jennifer Lopez Can’t Get Enough of Casper… Or Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez awkwardly perched herself on boyfriend Casper’s knee as they posed for a photo before heading off to give a touching performance along side her ex husband Marc Anthony.

Jennifer has always had a tom-boyish side to her, but we don’t get to see it too often when she dances around in skin tight ensembles on stage.

She did flaunt her boyish ways over the weekend, however, during a celebrity football game in Puerto Rico.

Dressed in a red jersey, white shorts, and some black and red Jordan sneakers J-Lo definitely showed off her tough side, especially when one of the guys constantly made obscene gestures during the group photo.

As Jennifer marked her territory (despite the fact that she was the only girl around) but awkwardly sitting on Casper’s knee instead of kneeling on the ground like all the other players, a player of the opposing side made some sexual gestures at the Latina songstress.

J-Lo took note and quickly scolded the opposing team member before Casper stepped in to warn him to back off.

The celebrity game was played between Jennifer and her dancers against the reggae duo Wisin y Yandel along with some more local artists at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium.

The game was for a good cause however as all the proceeds from ticket sales went to charities, but to the “Dance Again” songstress it was yet another chance to be all over her young boo.

The position was clearly uncomfortable for the curvaceous beauty, but it didn’t stop her from trying to pose while still remaining on Casper’s skinny knee.

She even appears to be close to falling over in several of the photos while Casper posed triumphantly, ignoring the fact that he wasn’t quite strong enough to keep his lady comfortably seated without nearly dropping her.

The good news, J-Lo was much more comfortable later that night as she slipped into a gorgeous flowing gown and held hands with her sexy… ex?

After the game, it was time for Lopez to get back to work as she joined her ex-husband Marc Anthony on stage for penultimate night of Jennifer’s Dance Again world tour.

The 43-year-old singer held hands with Marc Anthony as they descended a flight of stairs singing in harmony to perform their hit No me Ames (Do Not Love Me).

Jen’s dress was a low-cut number that seemed to have Marc staring just a tad below her face throughout much of the performance.

Instead of locking eyes with his ex, several photos caught the 44-year-old staring at Lopez’s chest instead.

The former lovers called off their marriage of seven years back in July of 2011, but have remained very close ever since – partly due to their two adorable kids.

Their chemistry was obvious on stage during and after the performance.

After the song was over J-Lo put her arm around her ex-husband as they exited the stage together.

The mother of two recently opened up about the fact that she didn’t really take the split well although the divorce was indeed amicable.

“I was going through a divorce and the break up of a family, which was devastating to me because family means everything to me,” she explained. “I didn’t want to be the woman who stayed in bed for months. I did do that a little but I knew I had to get through it.”

So she got through it with the help of her 25-year-old back up dancer, Casper.

Her relationship with the youngster has been going strong so far, but one can’t help but wonder what her reaction would be if Anthony ever came to her on bended knee ready to become a family once again.


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