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72 Percent of African-American Children Are Raised in Single Parent Homes

A staggering number of African-American children are raised in single parent homes, compared to the rest of America, and the rest of the world. A study conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that 25.8 percent of American children are raised by a single parent, a number high above the 14.9 percent average seen in the other 26 countries surveyed. Among African-Americans the rate nearly tripled, with 72 percent of black children relying on a single parent.

“The in-work poverty is higher in the U.S. than other OECD countries, because at the bottom end of the labor market, earnings are very low,” said Willem Adema, a senior economist in the group’s social policy division. “For parents, the risk is higher because they have to make expenditures on childcare costs.”

No doubt the prevalence of divorce has introduced single-parenthood as common place in the U.S., but the figures are disproportionally high for African-Americans. Reasons for the disparity among blacks could stem from any number of reasons, ranging from the American justice system, to pregnancy among young unmarried couples. In addition to the number of black single parents, almost three in four black children are born outside of marriage. The reality is that recognizing or even curbing the trend does not work to the benefit of young single mothers already raising children.

American single mothers find themselves challenged by high living costs, even though the U.S. government provides more child welfare spending than other countries. Employment is also more common for U.S. single parents, with 35.8% earning an income compared to 21.3 percent internationally, but single mother families still suffer from a poverty rate of 63 percent.

The plight of the working mother is compounded with a lack of childcare, which can affect childhood development. University of Texas law professor Lino Graglia went so far as to link minority underachievement on standardized tests to single parent households, characterizing the parents as “usually female, uneducated and without a lot of money.”

Though Graglia’s statements are certainly not based in fact, the economic and social trends attributed to single-parenthood are should be discomforting to African-Americans. It may be too late for a return to the traditional family for Americans, but considering the weight of single parent child rearing can never be understated.

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21 thoughts on “72 Percent of African-American Children Are Raised in Single Parent Homes

  1. Donald E. Scoggins says:

    Which political policies could reverse this terrible situation?

  2. Beau Howard says:

    forbid blacks to breed

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  8. Natalie Such says:

    Political policies?
    Black people should just take responsibility for raising their kids.

  9. Takenya Freeney Battle says:

    Too late for your mama.

  10. Black Conservative (Booker T Washington).
    1. The pursuit of educational and professional excellence.
    As a means of advancement within the society;.

    2. Policies that promote safety and security in the community beyond the typical casting of a criminal as a "victim" of societal racism;.

    3.Local economic development through free enterprise rather.
    than looking to the federal government for assistance;.

    4.Empowerment of the individual via self-improvement (virtue),
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  11. Harvey Amos says:


  12. Deb Guitz says:

    there is birth control

  13. Ruey Read says:

    Because they get more money that way. And if they get subsidized child care, friends will babysit for one another and split the money, and if they can find some kind doctor who will label their kid with a psych diagnosis (ADD, ADHD), they get double the Medicaid payments. Couple that with WIC, food stamps, HUD Housing, free medical care, why work?

  14. Denise White says:

    the welfare system was designed for the whites,

  15. Jacqueline Rogers says:

    Perhaps time for the China syndrome – public assistance for only one child – all others, well that's on you

  16. Jerschwah Jern Sevron says:

    And then what? If your other child/children starve, dig a hole in the backyard or put them on the curb with the rest of your trash? Is that how we as a society will treat the little ones whose only crime was being born into a bad situation? The heartlessness amazes me.

  17. I have never seen this page and have zero interest in commenting…someone broke into my Facebook page…please disregard and good luck

  18. It is easy to respond ignorant to a social problem that you can't began to understand, try doing some research then giving your perception of the problem, if your not part of the solution your are part of the problem.

  19. Yeni Lima says:

    Nothing wrong with being raised by one parent. Definitely nothing wrong with out of wedlock children.

  20. Nikki Marshall says:

    the most ignorant comment…not everybody on assistance from the govt is a low life uneducated person….do ur research

  21. Just accept it for what it is now. It works for the 72%. Let it be.

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