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Tamar Braxton at Odds with Beyonce Fans, Joseline Hernandez

Tamar Braxton talks trash on Tiny Tonight but can't back it up Tamar Braxton has always been very outspoken, but lately it has earned her some serious beef with Beyonce fans as well as Love & Hip Hop star Joseline Hernandez.

Tamar joined the talk show business along with Tiny, but in one episode alone she talked a lot of mess that she hasn’t been able to back up.

Things got a little heated when the ladies on “Tiny Tonight” began chatting about reality TV and of course Love & Hip Hop was the first show to cross their minds.

Tamar seemed to be fearlessly outspoken throughout the entire show and didn’t hesitate to throw shade on any big names in the business. Although one can appreciate her trying to keep it real, it isn’t quite the same when the Braxton sister turns around and tries to play the victim when she comes under fire for the things she said.

After mentioning that she thinks Joseline Hernandez looks like a man, the reality star appeared on “Kandi Koated Knights” and definitely returned the favor to Tamar.

Tamar Braxton said Joseline Hernandez looks like a man “First of all Tamar, they been saying you look like a dude four years ago,” she began her rant in somewhat broken English. “B**** you the one that look like a man, don’t get it twisted. Don’t go there. For real, you like 50 years old. I’m a young broad, I don’t know you, why you f***ing with me. I don’t know who you are, I know your sister.”

Ouch. Unfortunately, Hernandez didn’t let the insults stop there. During “Tiny Tonight” she took to Twitter to begin her full on attack of the Braxton sister.

“@TamarBraxtonHer b**** u got a d*ck u f**k u know who wit you wanna be Beyonce old PUTA. U a mess. I stay on u hoes mind. U 2 old,” she tweeted after Tamar took the cheap shot on the show.

Of course, the tweets didn’t stop there as she even jumped on Claudia Jordan who co-signed when Braxton said Joseline looked like a man.

Joseline Hernandez rips Tamar Braxton on Twitter “This old hoe @claudiajordan need to sit down is she married yet? @TamarBraxtonHer need a nose job with her ugly ass,” she tweeted a few seconds later.

The Twitter rant went on for quite some time as she continued to call both women “grandmamas” who are just “hating” on her.

As vulgar and immature as the reality star was throughout her social media rampage, at least she stood by what she said. Tamar, on the other hand, had a problem making up her mind on where she stood in her own battle.

She retweeted several jabs that the Love & Hip Hop star made about Claudia before posting a tweet that made her seem like the only victim.

“I guess if I wasn’t bullied name calling wouldn’t effect me,” the 35-year-old singer tweeted. “I always thought I wouldn’t go through it as an adult. I guess I was wrong. Smh.”

Tamar Braxton Joseline Hernandez beef On the same show, the Braxton Family Value star put her foot in her mouth when she called Beyonce’s pregnancy fake and tried to throw Claudia under the bus once again.

As the girls chit-chatted on the show, the topic of Bey’s baby bump came up. Throughout the entire pregnancy rumors were flying that Jay-Z’s wife wasn’t really pregnant and that her baby bump was fake.

One of the most shocking moments was when Queen Bey went to sit down for an interview and her supposedly pregnant stomach folded over on itself.

Tamar, once again, couldn’t keep her opinion to herself.

“I don’t think she was pregnant,” she started on the talk show. “The deflated stomach thing. I watched the video and I don’t know. She sat down and she looked up like ‘OH SH*T!!’”

Trina felt Tam was delusional for thinking the “Countdown” songstress would fake her pregnancy, and Tiny even claimed that she touched Bey’s baby bump.

Tamar Braxton throws Claudia under the bus after Beyonce fake pregnancy comment“I touched her belly,” Tiny defended. “I was at the Jay-Z and Kanye show and greeted her. I gave her a hug and she did have a belly there. I wasn’t even thinking about the whole fake baby bump thing. I felt a hard ball there.”

To be honest, the baby bump deflating was certainly a shocking moment and you have to respect Tamar for speaking up about it when most celebs would just ignore it for the sake of staying on the powerful couple’s good side.

Where she immediately loses respect is when she blatantly lies about calling the pregnancy fake and even claims Claudia was the one who accused Blue Ivy’s mommy of being a liar.

“Never said Beyonce faked her pregnancy!” she tweeted once Beyonce fans voiced how angry they were with the comment. “That was Claudia’s ass! I was talking about the video that came out this year…”

Claudia immediately took to Twitter to reveal that the “Love and War” singer was just throwing her under the bus to save herself.

“Blame the new girl… I get it. #TheStruggle,” the gorgeous 39-year-old tweeted.

She went on to call out the less famous Braxton sister for even having the audacity to cuss her out on Twitter and not in person.

“Twitter gangsters… cussing out people they will never meet to their 45 followers one day at a time. #TheStruggle,” she tweeted a few seconds later.

It seems like the “Try Me” singer needs to make up her mind. If she wants to be outspoken and “keep it real” then she needs to back it up and stand behind every comment she makes. If not, she might want to just keep her opinions to herself before she finds herself with her foot in her mouth again. Eventually, she’s going to run out of people to blame.


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