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'Rules Of Engagement' Sold To TBS

Rules of Engagement Cast

The popular CBS comedy, Rules of Engagement, has been sold from Sony Pictures Television to Turner Broadcasting’s TBS.  John Weiser, President of U.S. Distribution, Sony Pictures Television, announced that the cable syndication rights were sold,Wednesday and will begin airing in January 2013.

Rules of Engagement has been a consistent show in every time slot it has aired in for CBS.  The show has aired for the past five seasons and is CBS’s number one network comedy in repeatability.

Currently, Rules of Engagement is airing in broadcast syndication in 96% of the country on leading stations in the major markets of Los Angeles (KCAL9/ CBS), Chicago (WCIU-TV/ Weigel) and New York (Tribune).

The quirky comedy showcases the different phases of male/female relationships, through the perspective of Adam (Oliver Hudson) and Jennifer (Bianca Kajlich), a newly engaged couple, a married couple, Jeff (patrick Warburton) and Audrey (Megyn Price) and finally one single guy, Russell (David Spade) and his trusty assistant, Timmy (Adhir Kaylan).

John Weiser said,  “We recently shot the 100th episode, which speaks to the ongoing appeal of this series and its cast. This show consistently outperforms its competition in adult demos and households and we’re very excited to be partnering with our friends at Turner Broadcasting.”

Will you tune in to TBS in January to watch Rules of Engagement on it’s new cable network?

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0 thoughts on “'Rules Of Engagement' Sold To TBS

  1. Debbie says:

    I will tune in but don’t you mean they will start in January of 2014 since it is already way past January 2013 and I have been watching on CBS not TBS. Someone needs a fact checker.

  2. Author of post says:

    Debbie, this post was written and published in December of 2012. Therefore, I did mean January 2013. Please re-read the story again, because I’m not sure you understood the context. Thank you.

  3. Rick says:

    No Debbie. They sold the syndication rights which are playing now on TBS. No new shows will be made after this season.

  4. toni foster says:

    Yea, so glad TBS bought it, I hope all the shows are new ones.. Love the entire cast.

  5. Debbie says:

    Sorry, I thought the story meant that TBS bought the rights to make new show’s, like they did when Couger Town was canceled from ABC, they had all new shows of Couger Town over on TBS. Well that’s a bum deal that they canceled it all together. 🙁

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