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Bryan Singer Developing a 'Twilight Zone' Reboot

Imagine if you will: a universe where originality is an endangered species, and storytellers too often look back to see what they can copy rather than try to forge their own paths. “Reboot” is such an odd choice of word to use in conjunction with The Twilight Zone, given that the show never had any kind of continuity or serialized story. But whatever. The 1959-1964 sci-fi anthology series has been revived twice before, in 1985 and 2002, without much success. No one’s been able to match Rod Serling’s unique combination of creativity and sheer drive (the guy wrote 92 of the 156 episodes of the original show).

Could Bryan Singer hope to match Serling? Not in a million years, but he’s going to try anyway. The producer/director has made a deal with CBS TV Studios to executive produce the new series. There’s also a Twilight Zone feature film in the works with Matt Reeves attached as director (Which makes little sense to me. Presumably it’ll be an anthology, but what’s the point of having one director for multiple mini-films? And if it isn’t an anthology… well that’s just stupid).

I would like nothing better for there to be an anthology show on television that can match the brilliance of the original Twilight Zone. I have doubts that these people will be able to get the job done, though.

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