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Christmas Web Shopping Posts Record $6.9 Billion in Just 5 Days!

The Christmas rush lit up online shopping in the US after ComScore reported that aggregate spending on the Web surpassed $6.9 billion last week, in what the Web measurement firm is calling the “heaviest” five-day-week of Internet shopping on record.

It goes without saying that, as the Web matures, increasing numbers of consumers are suitably savvy to buy items through the Internet and retailers are increasing the emphasis on online deals and offers. However, that development is gathering pace and, last week, four of the weekday shopping days saw more than $1 billion in spending.

‘Green Monday’ — December 10 — topped the pile with $1.275 billion, which makes it the third biggest shopping day ever, according to ComScore. The firm estimates that close to $34 billion has been spent by US consumers online since November 1 this year.

xxxxxxx Christmas demand sees US hit new 5 day Web shopping record of $6.9 billion: ComScore

In total the week — which saw US online retailers bring in $6.992 million — was up 11 percent on the same period in 2011, but ComScore chairman Gian Fulgoni expects that Christmas 2012 will see overall revenues increase at a greater rate…

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