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10 Cool Gifts Under $50 Bucks for the Geek in Your Life

Yep, it’s that time of the year again (what, you hadn’t noticed?) and we’re all expected to rush around like mad people buying things that we’re not sure of, for people we don’t really know that well. Well, maybe we do know them, but maybe not as well as they hope, otherwise how do you explain all those pairs of socks and bottles of cheap perfume in bottom drawers? So we thought we’d jump in and offer a little help if you’re struggling to come up with the perfect gift for the geek in your life. Tshaw…aren’t we grand?


1. Angry Birds R/C Air Swimmer – $28.45


How could this lose, and who in their right mind wouldn’t enjoy playing with something which combines two of the greatest themes of the year in one glorious funster? The hit game Angry Birds gets real, with this zoom anywhere, slow moving (no broken windows, Janice) Helium filled radio controlled gem of a floater.

2. Star Wars R2D2 Interactive Money Bank – $48.19

10 Cool Last Minute Gifts Under $50 For The Geek In Your Life

Slot your Android or iPhone smartphone into the top of this puppy, and he’ll happily store and secure your stuff against intruders and young siblings. You’ll need to download a free app first, but that’s all part of the geek charm of course. Great for storing keys, credit cards and anything you don’t want falling into enemy hands. Of course to be doubly safe, you’ll need to chain it to the family Rottweiller, but hey, that’s life.

3. Bluetooth Keyboard & Case For Samsung Galaxy S3 – $24.97


Chances are you know someone with one of the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S3 Android cell phones, but they’ve been over-shadowed by your Aunt Julie showing off her new iPhone 6. Well don’t fret, because one thing they definitely don’t yet have with their S3 is a cool keyboard case like this. No wires, it’s all wireless Bluetooth, and it will immediately improve the wow-factor with their friends after the holidays end. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

4. Isotoner Smartouch Gloves for Smartphones – $24.95


There’s no doubt that touchscreens and cold weather don’t work. Icy, fingers, dropsy, problems. So it’s no surprise to see the rise and rise of gloves which are specially designed to let you use your touchscreen cell phone to text or browse in the coldest of weathers. They come in a variety of styles, linings and colors and you can buy them for both male and female geeks. Perfect if you’re in the frozen North, eh?

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