Conservatives Offended By Jamie Foxx Killing White People Joke

Self-righteous Conservatives are up in arms, again charging the media with a double-standard when it comes to racist jokes.

The latest allegations stem from weekend monologues by celebrities Jamie Foxx and Bill Maher, both of whom have been ardent supporters of President Barack Obama.

Fox News host Sean Hannity says he took offense at Foxx’s “racially-charged joke” while hosting Saturday Night Live when the Oscar winner said tongue-in-cheek that his character in his new movie, “Django Unchained,” ends up killing all the white people.

“And I got a movie coming out, ‘Django,’ check it out,” Fox said in the obvious satire about black stereotypes. “Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson. ‘Django Unchained’ I play a slave. How black is that? And in the movie I had to wear chains. How whack is that? But don’t be worried about it because I get out the chains, I get free, I save my wife, and I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that? And how black is that?”

Maher commented on his “Real Time With Bill Maher” show on HBO that late singer Andy Williams was a “teabag idiot.”

In their rush to faux anger, right-wing mouthpieces like Sean Hannity have been quick to condemn the media for staying silent on the matter. Hannity said he may just have to accept that liberals can get away with making controversial remarks, while conservatives are held to a higher standard.

As if anything Foxx or Maher ever uttered was said out of the same kind of mean, racist venom that so often characterizes words by such conservative firebrands such as Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter.

One conservative, Deneen Borelli, said that language used by Foxx and Maher is now morally acceptable in contemporary culture, while criticizing the NAACP “mindset” that only black people who stand in lockstep will be defended.

Michael Meyers said the comedian recently went “too far” with his jokes about Obama being a “lord and savior.”

Hannity brought up the current controversy over Korean artist PSY and how Obama has not condemned his anti-American lyrics from eight years ago. Borelli continued to blame the “Hollywood culture,” also citing the money Obama’s Super PAC received from Maher.

Myers said that Obama is beloved by Hollywood for being “hip” and “cool.” Borelli warned that the president’s embrace of celebrity culture could be “dangerous” for the country.

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