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Conservatives Offended By Jamie Foxx Killing White People Joke

Self-righteous Conservatives are up in arms, again charging the media with a double-standard when it comes to racist jokes.

The latest allegations stem from weekend monologues by celebrities Jamie Foxx and Bill Maher, both of whom have been ardent supporters of President Barack Obama.

Fox News host Sean Hannity says he took offense at Foxx’s “racially-charged joke” while hosting Saturday Night Live when the Oscar winner said tongue-in-cheek that his character in his new movie, “Django Unchained,” ends up killing all the white people.

“And I got a movie coming out, ‘Django,’ check it out,” Fox said in the obvious satire about black stereotypes. “Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson. ‘Django Unchained’ I play a slave. How black is that? And in the movie I had to wear chains. How whack is that? But don’t be worried about it because I get out the chains, I get free, I save my wife, and I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that? And how black is that?”

Maher commented on his “Real Time With Bill Maher” show on HBO that late singer Andy Williams was a “teabag idiot.”

In their rush to faux anger, right-wing mouthpieces like Sean Hannity have been quick to condemn the media for staying silent on the matter. Hannity said he may just have to accept that liberals can get away with making controversial remarks, while conservatives are held to a higher standard.

As if anything Foxx or Maher ever uttered was said out of the same kind of mean, racist venom that so often characterizes words by such conservative firebrands such as Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter.

One conservative, Deneen Borelli, said that language used by Foxx and Maher is now morally acceptable in contemporary culture, while criticizing the NAACP “mindset” that only black people who stand in lockstep will be defended.

Michael Meyers said the comedian recently went “too far” with his jokes about Obama being a “lord and savior.”

Hannity brought up the current controversy over Korean artist PSY and how Obama has not condemned his anti-American lyrics from eight years ago. Borelli continued to blame the “Hollywood culture,” also citing the money Obama’s Super PAC received from Maher.

Myers said that Obama is beloved by Hollywood for being “hip” and “cool.” Borelli warned that the president’s embrace of celebrity culture could be “dangerous” for the country.

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37 thoughts on “Conservatives Offended By Jamie Foxx Killing White People Joke

  1. Seriously, is this a legitimate news org or just a group of hacks? Self-righteous Conservatives? Really? wake the F up this is 2012 and whether you are black white or purple this just isn't appropriate. If the star of one of the movies about the Civil Rights movement said, I got to play a dumbass redneck that hung black folk would that too be considered a funny moment? a satirical moment?

    Recently a very talented young woman was kicked off the Greek Olympic team because she made a "joke" (a bad one) about the West Nile virus and she didn't even mention race but was called a racist.

    One day people will grow up and realize that the only way we are going to get rid of intolerance, racism, inequality is if ALL of us together take a stand to include realizing that talking about killing white folks is just wrong. I may be making a mistake posting about this here because it doesn't seem that this low rent website s getting much traction with this story. I guess I am the only person that read it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This report not only misstates and omits much of what I said on Hannity about Jamie Fox’ opening monologue on Saturday Night Live, it misses the mark by identifying me as a “conservative.” On the “Hannity” TV show—as I often do—I identified myself as a liberal. And, I gave Jamie Fox broad leeway—as I have given to other comedians—to parody current events and to “poke fun at stereotypes.” In fact, I even reminded the audience of Jamie Fox’ role on the old TV show, “In Living Color”—where mainly black comedians played on stereotypes. I added that Jamie Fox’ routine on SNL was on par with other SNL skits, which, nowadays, are not funny.

    My comment that Jaimie Fox went “too far” was in reference to his comment at the Soul Train Awards Show, at which he referred to President Obama as “our Lord and Savior.” Yes, I said on Hannity that Jamie Fox "went too far" with that comment—but I quickly added, tongue in cheek, that I really did not care what Jamie Fox believes about Obama being “our Lord and Savior”—I would be more concerned if Barack Obama believed that of himself.

    Michael Meyers, Executive Director, New York Civil Rights Coalition.

  3. Karen Russo says:

    If a white comedienne made "jokes" about killing all the black people, there'd be a whole lot of "righteous liberals" screaming their fool heads off about it. There's a big double standard in our society & I'm sick of it.

  4. If Jamie Fox didn't have a history of ansesters who were slaves he'd be nothing but an Afican spear chucker instead of a guy who's worth about 50 million

  5. Say goodbye to any indorsments & other things, not that he needs any additional money. That shows how moronic he is. Also I can fairly well be sure there will never be another black person elected to be president, ever.

  6. William, so racism is justified in some situations? Racism is either right or wrong. Newsflash: its wrong. Jamie Foxc has never been a slave and I've never been a slave owner. You basically just said racial double standards are fine sometimes. Liberal class warfare brainwashing.

  7. For a supposedly superior being as you percieved your self to be, you could at least spell check your words before you put them on public display and make a A– and a public spectacle of yourself!

  8. Yawn warm is a niggas lol, get the f off our planet, so we can rebuild you poluting waste buckets

  9. We are not in heaven, so I expect negative behavior from people. I realize the far right do not like Jamie Fox's comments. To bad because I do not like manyu comments by the far right concerning entitlement programs. Not everyone receiviing entitlements are taking advantage of the system. Many need them! So it is, America rolls on.

  10. It's okay that Jamie Foxx made a joke about how great it is to kill all white people because conservatives don't agree with the use of entitlement programs. Makes sense.

  11. Alan E Rousseau says:

    Now if a comedian said kill all the blacks would he think that funny?

  12. Gregory Grames says:

    That is terrible comparison, seems like you are reaching for justification. So if a white comedian said "i killed all the black people and it was great" that would be ok since it was a joke. What is a joke is you call yourself a man of the cloth but you encourage behavior that is against the faith. You need to drop the bishop part cause I am appalled that you call yourself that.

  13. Matt Wheeler says:

    Can anyone translate this to English?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Negros and Jamie Foxx, you really messed up on this one – be careful how far you push the powers that be.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Also remember that your life in America would be worse anywhere else in the world.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Nonetheless, good people will not tolerate the idea of killing one race.

  17. William Ludlow hey racist trailer park inbred, while you are spewing your nonsense please learn how to spell or use spell check!

  18. Anonymous says:

    You guys do understand that the white people Mr. Foxx's character killed in the film were rapist, murderers and human traffickers… Mr. Foxx made a joke about a man rebelling against his captors… If a white man made a joke about being a slave owner who got to kill all the black slaves he would sound like a homicidal maniac that wishes for the days of old when murdering, raping and selling humans was legal for white people to do… big difference and it's so sad that you fail to realize that… I will pray for all of you white folk who wish we cold go back in time…

  19. Doc Mananoff says:

    No, BUT the movie is based in slavery times…how many "good" whites existed back then? Not many, so the joke is funny.

  20. Doc Mananoff says:

    It was a joke…white people still own just about everything in this country so how much damage did the joke really do? :

  21. Doc Mananoff says:

    The hell with the 'Cowards that be' …they won't be for long…Lol

  22. Doc Mananoff says:

    No it wouldn't…America is the main cauldron of racism on the planet, I've been abroad and other people are not the same as here.

  23. Joe Blowder says:

    Will you please start killing each other in even BIGGER numbers in your ghettos each night, you filthy niggers?

  24. Joe Blowder says:

    He'd probably be arrested.

  25. Joe Blowder says:

    Don't worry, Jew, we all know you're a Bolshevik.

  26. Joe Blowder says:

    You're a fake holy man.

  27. Alan E Rousseau says:

    There are 60 Vermonters still at Gettysburg that might disagree with you.

  28. Alan E Rousseau says:

    We once took in a fresh air child from the Bronx she was Black and informed us that not only were Jamaican Blacks better but hated Quote "Spics, and chinks" when I ask her what's the difference of what she said and if I used the N word she said she had not thought of that. Some one taught her that crap.

  29. Jason Rate says:

    Nice troll account..

  30. Jason Rate says:

    Believe it or not, racism is a option. Jamie has freedom of speech. I'm sorry if whites are too scary and shitless to say what they want (IN PUBLIC), then that's your problem.

  31. Nice to see this double-standard post denouncing white conservatives- It is sickening to note that posts like this universally complain about white conservatives in a world that allows whites to be disparaged as " rednecks " but refuses to allow blacks to be referred to as " negroes " as in the United Negro College Fund or National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

  32. Theo Torres says:

    No, it wouldn't.

  33. Phoenix Shining says:

    Using your logic then, if a White actor was promoting a movie, he's starring in, where the story involves him killing Blacks that killed his father, and jokes by saying "this is movie is great because I get to kill all the Black people!". Are you going to tell me that you and other people won't be outraged at such a dumb and racist joke?

  34. Phoenix Shining says:

    Doc Mananoff Now good Whites existed? So the 100's of thousands who died fighting for Lincoln's cause in the civil war weren't good? The 99% of the Northern White American population which didn't own slaves and abhorred slavery weren't good? Read your history, my friend.

  35. Phoenix Shining says:

    Doc Mananoff It's a very dumb joke. If a White actor was promoting a movie, he's starring in, where the story involves him killing Blacks that killed his father, and jokes by saying "this is movie is great because I get to kill all the Black people!". Are you going to tell me that you and other people won't be outraged at such a dumb and racist joke?

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