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Making Sleepovers, Slumber Parties Less Taxing on Everyone

Dawn Moothart used to dread her 7-year-old daughter’s sleepovers. “The next day, Maddie would be ‘crabby girl.’ And when I hosted our first, I was so exhausted I spent the next day on the couch,” says the Portland, OR, mom.

Between the giggles, the ghost stories, the night owls, and the early risers, it’s a wonder anyone sleeps at all. To make sure there’s actually slumber at your child’s next slumber party:

Shorten the guest list. Corralling three kids is easier than eight. Tell your child that she can invite fewer friends than for a daytime party.

Set house rules with confidence. They may test you, but children feel insecure if the adult isn’t in charge — and the more secure kids feel, the more easily they’ll sleep.

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