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Kevin Clash Sex Scandal Halts Warner Bros. Developing Film

Kevin Clash’s career has been plummeting since his underage sex scandal began, and now his developing film with Warner Bros. has been pulled.

There are now three men involved in the scandal, claiming that the Elmo puppeteer had inappropriate relationships with them when they were just minors. Ever since the accusations started spring up, Clash has been losing one job opportunity after another.

Clash has already departed from Sesame Street and will no longer be the giggling, squeaky voice behind every child’s favorite pal Elmo.

Now, his developing film about a young boy and his stuffed animal has been pulled – and honestly we understand why.

Warner Bros. was working on the film that was to have a Calvin and Hobbes-like story line and none other than Clash was the man behind creating the main character.

The movie was to be about “a kid and his stuffed animal that takes on a life of its own because of the child’s imagination” – so imagine the movie “Ted” only a lot more child friendly.

With major producers getting in the project, and the assurance that almost anything the Warner Bros. are a part of is done well – the film would surely be a career saver for the alleged child sex abuser if it was followed through.

Unfortunately, however, the controversy is too great for the former voice of Elmo to be behind another children’s character.

“After all that stuff happened, the studio was like, ‘We’re never going to mention this again,’” one production insider revealed.

The good news for the production team, however, is that progress for the new film was moving along quite slowly which means they have managed to minimize their losses by getting out now.

Had things moved on more quickly, the project would have been much farther along and had the potential to leave a lot of people with tragically tarnished reputations.

The one reputation that is unable to be saved at this point is Kevin’s.

The famous puppeteer was a part of Sesame Street for almost 30 years, but was forced to formally resign back in November.


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