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Galaxy S III to Get More Features with Premium Suite Update

Samsung teased users with seven new features for the Galaxy S III, including the ability to check your Facebook newsfeed from the lockscreen, split-screen apps and even more ways to share photos by way of NFC.

Premium Suite will expand the capabilities of what is already one of the most feature-packed handsets on the market. In our review of the S III, we noted that it does so much it can be almost overwhelming, with many redundant and wonky features among the unquestionably innovative and cool tricks. Samsung sees room for a few more.

Samsung announced the features Friday in a blog post and YouTube video, but didn’t say exactly when they’d be available.

Still, Facebook fiends will love the “Facebook Lock Ticker,” which lets you check your Facebook news feed from the lock screen. See something you’re interested in? Tap it and the S III launches the Facebook app so you can “like” and comment right away.

Another new feature lets you change text size when viewing a webpage in “Reader Mode,” allowing you to see just the text and photos of a website, free of ads, site navigation and the other elements that make up a webpage.

The S III already has about half a dozen ways to share a photo, but Samsung doesn’t think that’s enough. Its newest trick, Auto Share Shot, makes it possible to share a photo to any NFC- and S-Beam- (Samsung’s version of Android Beam) enabled devices. That means you no longer have to rely upon everyone being on the same local Wi-Fi network and accepting invitations one by one. Tap your phone against another NFC- or S-Beam-capable device and voilà, you’ve shared a photo.

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