New Mophie Juice Pack Doubles Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy SIII

If there is one constant in life, it is that portable electronics don’t ever have enough battery life. With each new product we get new features that beg for more power, so regardless of what the manufacturers do to extend battery life … our usage always seems to keep up!

Enter Mophie, a company that has had great success making iPhone battery cases for several years. Now they are branching out with their first non-iPhone case, for the hot-selling Samsung Galaxy SIII. Mophie sent me one to check out – let’s take a look!

The Hype: Get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy S III with the mophie juice pack®. This durable, ultra-thin case houses a rechargeable battery that virtually doubles your time to rock, talk, surf and send. Enjoy up to 32 extra hours of audio, 8 extra hours of video playback, or 9 extra hours of web browsing without compromising any of your phone’s features.

As one of the thinnest S III battery cases on the market, the juice pack was created with you in mind. It provides a comfortable, ergonomic design while fully protecting your phone and a toggle switch allows you to charge only when you need it. It’s also completely S Beam and NFC compatible, so don’t worry about us getting in the way of sharing with your friends.

The Reality: When I got the Mophie JuicePack, I had three immediate questions: ease of use, bulkiness, and battery life. Well, I would also have had concerns about appearance, but the Mophie looks almost identical to the Galaxy S3, making the real question whether the size is a concern.

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