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Minister Farrakhan Seeks Medical Care for Fever in St. Croix

*The AP is reporting that Minister Louis Farrakhan, has sought medical care during his stay in the US Virgin Islands.

According to Farrakhan representative, Akbar Muhammed, the Nation of Islam leader went to a hospital on Tuesday with a “low-grade fever.” He says Farrakhan has left the St. Thomas hospital and is describing his condition as “fine.”

Farrakhan, 79, had been scheduled to give a speech on St. Croix but it was canceled. He is expected to visit a St. Croix prison on Wednesday.

Farrakhan is on a Caribbean tour to islands including Barbados, Dominica, and the Bahamas.

He has had a number of health problems over the years, including prostate cancer surgery in 2000 and a five-week hospital stay in 2007.

The Chicago-based Nation of Islam has espoused black nationalism and self-reliance since it was founded in the 1930s.

Source: AP
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