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Brooklyn Decker To Cause Controversy On 'New Girl'


Supermodel turned actress, Brooklyn Decker, is slated to appear on Fox’s New Girl  in early 2013. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Decker will be playing a super saucy love interest who inspires some friendly competition between Nick (Jake Johnson ), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), and Winston (Lamorne Morris). Her character has an unusual attraction to ‘heartbreak’ and winds up at the bar where Nick works and all the three bachelors will fight for her affection.

Decker is most famous for her Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover and marriage to tennis superstar / heartthrob Andy Roddick. She’s also made some interesting acting choices, like starring alongside Adam Sandler in Just Go With It, and more recently appearing in the box office flop, Battleship, and uber chick flick, What to Expect When You’re Expecting. She’s also appeared on television in Ugly Betty and Royal Pains. 

New Girl is all about the hottie guest arcs, and as the show continues to grow in popularity more A-listers will likely want in. Decker will be appearing fresh after Olivia Munn finishes her stint as a stripper on the show. New Girl has had its fair share of attractive male guest stars too, ranging from the nerdy cute Justin Long, to the suave older gentleman Dermot Mulroney, and most recently super hottie David Walton, who played Jess’s “sex buddy.”



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