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Google Nexus 7, By Far the Most Popular Android Tablet

There are plenty of great Android tablets on the market now that weren’t around even a year ago. If you’re looking for one to wrap up for someone special, get your game on, or get some work done, you have plenty of options. Earlier last week, we asked you which models you thought were the top of the class, and then we took a closer look at the five best Android tablets. Now we’re back to crown the overall winner.
Google’s Nexus 7 took the top spot by a broad margin with over 55% of the total vote. Most of you praised its size, battery life, beautiful display, and build quality—not to mention its software features, like Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and Google Now. (And yes, it’s comparably low price.)

Behind it in second place with 21% of the votes cast was the Google Nexus 10, Samsung’s 10-inch contribution to the Nexus tablet line. In third with 12%…

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