There Will Be a New Comedy Western (Oooh!) From Seth MacFarlane (Awww)

Comedy westerns. How many good ones of those do we have? Blazing Saddles and… uhhhhh… yeah, that’s it. So news that Hollywood is putting together a new comedy western is cause for celebration! Or it would be, if the project didn’t have the king of bro comedy at its helm.

It’s not that I dislike Seth MacFarlane, it’s just that I dislike everything that he’s made and his style of humor. But given that Family Guy was uncancelled and is now in its tenth season and Ted somehow grossed over 500 million dollars, it’s only natural that studios would supplicate before him for more of his brain-leavings. Said leavings include a sequel to Ted and a theatrical Family Guy feature, but this project will be getting done before either of them.

The film will be called A Million Ways to Die in the West and has been described as… wait for it… a Blazing Saddles-style movie. See, this is why we need more comedy westerns. The script apparently has “racy humor” and “calls for a female lead.” Distinctive!

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