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Kramer Is Back?! Michael Richards Returns To TV


Michael Richards is back on television  in TV Land’s new series Giant Baby. According to, Richards isn’t reprising his most famous role as Seinfeld’s quirky yet lovable Kramer, he will be making his return to television alongside two other ghosts of sitcom’s past – Cheer’sKierstie Alley and Rhea Perlman.

Giles Marini to play Maddie’s chef in TV lands ‘Giant Baby’

Giant Baby follows Kierstie Alley’s character Madison “Maddie” Banks, a Broadway star, who’s estranged son, Arlo (Eric Peterson) recently tracked her down. Arlo’s adopted mother died, so he goes looking for his biological mom. Perlman will play Maddie’s best friend and personal assistant, while Richards will portray Maddie’s limo driver.Giles Marini, of Brothers and Sisters and Switched At Birth, will play the recurring role of  Maddie’s chef.

This is Richard’s first major scripted role since Seinfeld ended in 1998. He starred in his own failed series The Michael Richards Show however it didn’t last more than two months. Richards also had a guest arc on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm from Seinfeld co-creator, Larry David.

Will you tune in to see some of the most praised sitcom actors return to prime time? Or do you think these actors are past their time and should retire for good? Let us know your thoughts below!

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