HBO's 'Girls' Trailer Gets Fans Pumped For Season 2

Usually I relish in the month of December and the start of the holidays. I never want the season of peppermint lattes, twinkle lights, and dreidels to end. Yes, I’m that guy who listens to Spotify holiday playlists in October.  I can handle my precious TV shows being on hiatus for a whole month because I’m sufficidently entertained by Elf re-runs on ABC family, holiday cocktail parties with eggnog a plenty, and that intoxicatingly wonderful cinnamony-pine tree scent that consumes every store. Plus, there’s always the perk of presents and time off work that add to this joyous time of year…

But then I saw the trailer for Season 2 of  HBO’s Girls.

I couldn’t be more anxious for the holiday season to end so Girls can hurry up and air. I’m even considering re-vamping my advent calendar so it counts down to days until the January 13th 9pm premiere instead of until Christmas. Yes folks, it looks that awesome.

The new trailer boasts all the hilarious antics and cringe worthy moments we’ve come to expect from characters Hannah, Adam, Marnie, Shoshanna, and Jessa, but bigger and better than last year. Hannah seems to have grown quite a bit since we last saw her in the season one finale. Throughout the first season, she was an insecure, confused wanna-be-writer pining after a deadbeat actor. In season 2, it looks like Hannah has matured into a confident, determined, wanna-be-writer with the deadbeat actor pining after her for a change. With her newfound pluck, Hannah still seems to have her fair share of sexual romps, and even Marnie and Shoshanna will have a few carnal exploits of their own. Let’s not forget about  the promiscuity princess herself, Jessa, and her surprising shotgun wedding – both she and her hubby are back for round two.

The cast and storyline couldn’t look better, my DVR is poised and ready to capture Girls in all its glory, if only it would come sooner!

Without further ado, here is the Girls Trailer, courtesy of our friends at The Vulture. 

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