Megan Fox in a Bikini: Need We Say More About the New 'This Is 40' Clip?

A new clip from This Is 40 has shown that writer/director Judd Apatow has not lost his touch when it comes to observational humor. What’s more, he’s shown that he still knows what it takes to satisfy a certain demographic by appealing to their most basic of wants: Megan Fox in a bikini.

This Is 40 will follow the characters of Peter and Debbie from Apatow’s previous comedy success, Knocked Up.  The story involves their lives a few years after the events of Knocked Up as they approach the age of 40 and deal with all the age’s cliches. Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann will be reprising their starring roles, along with Apatow regular Jason Segel and Apatow’s own family.

The new clip from This Is 40 follows Rudd and Robert Smigel as they watch the bikini clad Fox from afar. While this may suggest an 8th grade-like quality, the clip actually cleverly makes fun of how adults so quickly return to that very mindset. The two remark on their own awkwardness as Mann and her friend observe their husbands’ creepiness. Apatow here is playing to his strengths. He’s tapping into his knack for creating humor that points out simple (but hilarious) strangeness in every day events.

This Is 40 will hit theaters in the US on Dec. 21. It has already been well received by a small amount of critics and looks to be every bit the slice of life Knocked Up was, without becoming episodic or too spin-off-like (even though it is). Plus, it’s quite obvious now that watching Paul Rudd do anything is worth at least one chuckle. Enjoy the clip below!

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