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Dominican President Danilo Medina Proposes New Path for the Caribbean

President Danilo Medina said Thursday that the Caribbean region needs, despite the difficulties, to start to define its social conventions, and its economic and cultural identity to accompany its development.

He said the Caribbean needs to seek alliance mechanisms as the nations of Europe did some time ago.

“If with linguistics and cultural differences, with wars in between, with ancestral clashes, the European countries have consolidated the union in half a century, we the Caribbeans in particular, and Latin Americans in general, have no excuses.”

The president, speaking to open the 20th Meeting of the Caribbean Forum Council of Ministers (Cariforum), also pledged to continue to promote economic and political agreements with Haiti that can surpass the lingering problems.

“The purpose of our government is for Dominican Republic to bolster its efforts to be part of these processes, and increasingly advance into new agreements and alliances, to turn them into wellbeing for our people.”

He said the Dominican Republic is open to taking part in any agreement which leads to the development of the region’s countries.

Medina added that the world’s situation has changed, for which it’s time to act boldly in common goals which motor Latin America’s prosperity.

Representatives of 15 countries attended the Forum, being held in the Foreign Affairs Ministry.




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