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Jessica Simpson Pregnant…Again

Next year they’ll need TWO chicken costumes…

Proud mama Jessica Simpson is happy to announce she’s expecting…again. Us Weekly reports she and her fiance Eric Johnson were surprised to learn they had another bun cooking in the oven just a few months after the birth of their first baby girl, Maxwell Drew. The couple wasn’t trying for another baby so soon, but are overjoyed about it.

Weight Watchers must either be elated to have Jessica sign back on again so soon or annoyed that she’s going to quickly gain all the weight back she so publicly just lost. Jessica just spent the last seven months very loudly losing 70lbs of baby weight with Weight Watchers. During her last pregnancy, she gained more weight than usual (especially for a celebrity) when she decided it was appropriate eat for five instead of two and give in to every unusual junk food craving. Simpson was notorious for the weirder than usual cravings. She couldn’t get enough salt, her favorite being salt doused cantaloupe. The songstress also told Jay Leno she craved “slutty brownies” or a baked mixture of oreos, cookie dough, and brownie batter. (I think women who aren’t pregnant would still crave that concoction). She also had her fill of other high calorie foods, like buttered Pop-tarts and Kraft Mac n’ Cheese with Lawry’s season salt. Only time will tell if Jessica will give in to her cravings like she did with baby #1 or if she’ll try and stay strong to preserve her newly svelte figure with baby #2.

Simpson was guilty of a few too many TMI tweets during pregnancy round one, including one stating “Oh my God, y’all. I just had a daydream that my vagina ate a bag of Skittles!” Ohh Jessica, perhaps with baby #2 you’ll show a little more class and to always eat candy through your mouth.

I’m pretty sure Jessica Simpson was pregnant for at least 2 years last time, hopefully this round has a shorter (and less obnoxious) gestation period.


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