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Cate Blanchett Courted for Wicked Stepmother Role in Live-Action 'Cinderella'

So this was a whole load of news for me. First: Disney is making a live-action remake of Cinderella. Completely unsurprising (there’s a live-action movie starring Sleeping Beauty antagonist Maleficent coming down the pipe as well), but I was unaware of this. Second: Mark Romanek will be directing the film. Which I find severely disappointing, as I’d rather the man devote his time and energy to something… what’s the word… interesting.

The script comes from Chris Weitz, and Simon Kinberg is producing. And now Cate Blanchett is in “deep talks” to play Lady Tremaine, Cinderella’s wicked stepmother. No words on whether she will be continuing her tradition of using weird accents whenever she plays villainous characters.

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