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Gabriel Aubry Emerges After Halle Berry Fight Bruised and Battered

Gabriel Aubry has finally emerged after the Thanksgiving brawl with Halle Berry’s fiancé Olivier Martinez, and there is definitely no room to debate who was the winner of the brawl.

Olivier Martinez has been seen around town with a swollen hand with a few cuts along his knuckles. If you haven’t heard the story of the Thanksgiving brawl already, you might assume that the guy with the swollen hand and messed up neck had to be the loser of the fight… that is until you see the other guy.

Nahla’s dad, Gabriel Aubry, has finally shown his face after the fight with the French actor, but some of us are kind of wishing he hadn’t.

TMZ captured several photos of Aubry’s face covered with bruises and a black eye that is quite hard to look at.

Since Halle Berry’s ex was the one who initiated the fight, he was taken into custody once police arrived on the scene on Thanksgiving Day. After he posted bail, he rushed to a van that was waiting for him and was quick to hide under a blanket so nobody would see him.

We figured that Aubry would be staying under cover until his face looked a little less… beaten. But then again he can’t really just stay in his house for a week without seeing the light of day.

In addition to having a bruised and battered face, Halle’s fiancé managed to break Gabriel’s ribs.

The 36-year-old model is definitely wishing he would have never put his hands on the 46-year-old “Unfaithful” star now.

Berry’s fiancé, who performed a citizens arrest before police even showed up to take Gabriel away, is certainly all the “Cloud Atlas” actress would need in order to be safe from her bitter ex but apparently she doesn’t think so.

In addition to the court issued protective order against Nahla’s dad, preventing him from coming anywhere near his own daughter, his ex, or his love rival, the 46-year-old is now rolling around with police escorts and bodyguards according to TMZ.

One can only hope that all the drama isn’t affecting daughter Nahla, whose mother has been going out of her way to try to keep things normal for her.

Once the brawl began, the Catwoman’s motherly instincts kicked in and she rushed Nahla inside as she called 911. Just a day after the fight she took her daughter to see Yo Gabba Gabba, perhaps to get her mind off things after her daddy was taken away with bruises on his face on Thanksgiving.


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