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'Paranormal Activity 5' Boast Its New Release Date Already…

Paranormal Activity, as far as the production, hasn’t slowed down a bit. Despite the franchise clearly being on a downward spiral, Paranormal Activity 5 has recently received its release date.

Paranormal Activity 4, compared to the other three films, could indicate that the franchise may be losing a little steam. The film only made a total of $135 million worldwide, while the other three all dabbled around the $200 million mark. A little after Paramount Pictures’ 4th installment hit the theaters, the company announced that they would make Paranormal Activity 5, along with with a Hispanic spin-off. At this time, their is no information available on the spin-off, but Paranormal Activity 5 will open on October 25, 2013.

Paranormal Activity 5 was originally slated to hit theaters ‘Halloween 2013’, but opted for the October 25th date instead. As of now, their is no writer, director, or cast for the film, but series veterans Oren Peli (who directed the first film) and Jason Blum again produce.

How many more films will this franchise see? Considering that it doesn’t cost anything to make these movies the studio makes a ton of profit on these films. They may get up to Paranormal Activity 10, I hope not, because I’m already getting quite tired of them.

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