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Kimora Lee Simmons Unaware of Divorce?

Kimora Lee Simmons’s husband Djimon Hounsou may be filing for divorce, and rumor it that Kimora had no idea that her marriage was in so much turmoil.

Kimora and Djimon have been married for about four years, and even have an adorable son together named Kenzo, but it seems like there is some trouble in paradise.

Rumors arose that the pair were headed for divorce, but more details are suggesting that the split is all Djimon’s idea.

Neither KiKi or her husband have made any public statements addressing the rumors, but friends of the 48-year-old Beninese-American actor and model say he has been plotting the split for quite some time now.

“They’ve been done for months,” the source close to Kenzo’s dad told Hollyscoop. “He’s planning on going public with the news this week.”

Apparently, he was also waiting to drop the bad news on his wife.

Although reports reveal that Djimon hasn’t filed for separation just yet, his friends have already spilled the beans that he hasn’t said a word about any of it to the mother of his son.

The other catch is that the Baby Phat designer and her husband weren’t married in the United States. The two got hitched in West Africa in 2008 because Kimora’s divorce from Russell Simmons hadn’t yet been finalized.

In other words, the status of the marriage in the U.S isn’t clear yet but the relationship certainly seems to be coming to an abrupt and messy end.

Rumors of the split started earlier this year when tabloids suggested that the creative director was spending too much money.

When these rumors surfaced, KiKi’s husband spoke up and accused the media of being “irresponsible” for spreading lies.

“To that extent any and all claims are totally fabricated and for the press to be separating these lies is irresponsible on their part,” he said earlier this year when the divorce rumors first started.

Even the mother of three’s ex husband, Russell Simmons, stepped in to defend his ex’s new marriage in June.

While tabloids suggested that the friction started with Russell cut his ex wife off from his funds after the split, the Phat Farm creator claimed that even those rumors were simply untrue.

“I damn sure don’t pay nor have I ever paid alimony,” the 55-year-old business mogul explained this summer. “In no way do I support their lifestyle, so please don’t say they are fighting over MY money.”

Whether money is the heart of the issues or not, there are definitely some problems within the marriage that haven’t been ironed out – and it seems like it might already be too late.

This will be the second failed marriage for 37-year-old fashion designer and mother of three young children.


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