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Bobby Brown Pleads Not Guilty To Third DUI Charge

Bobby Brown entered a plea of “not guilty” to his third DUI charge and could face up to two years behind bars.

The Bobby Brown plea may come as a surprise to some as the former New Edition member just confessed that he would take his drinking problems more seriously for the sake of his 19-year-old daughter.

It seems like Bobbi Kristina’s dad is ready to fess up if it means he can get his daughter back for admitting his mistakes and getting the help he needs, but when it comes to fessing up to the court that’s an entirely different story.

Last month police pulled over the repeat DUI offender for driving erratically when they suddenly smelled a strong scent of alcohol coming from his car.

On top of that, TMZ reported that police also discovered that Whitney Houston’s ex husband was driving on a restricted license in a vehicle without a court ordered vehicle interlock device.

The device prevents the car from starting if the driver has had anything to drink and was ordered to Brown by the courts after his last DUI charge this year.

Back in March Bobbi’s father was caught drunk behind the wheel again in San Fernando Valley before receiving three years probation and doing some time in rehab – which he didn’t even pretend to take seriously.

This time around the Ghostbusters 2 actor got his license suspended and is required to attend three Alcoholics Anonymous classes a week until he appears in court for his pretrial hearing on December 13.

At this rate, the “Heart and Soul” singer won’t ever be able to rekindle his relationship with his young daughter and he certainly only has a few more chances left before his punishment for drunk driving is much more serious than a couple AA sessions and a suspended license.



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