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Chamique Holdsclaw Arrested for Aggravated Assault Against Jennifer Lacy

Chamique Holdsclaw was arrested and is currently in jail on charges of aggravated assault after she allegedly broke the windows Jennifer Lacy with a bat before shooting into the vehicle in Atlanta on Tuesday.

Reports indicate that the car belonged to her ex girlfriend, Jennifer Lacy who also plays in WNBA for Tulsa Shock.

Holdsclaw’s former lover told the police that her ex followed her after she finished exercising and by the time she finally caught up with her, she began beating her car windows with a bat. Shortly after is when the 35-year-old former basketball star stuck a loaded gun inside the car and fired.

Luckily, Lacy walked away unharmed but the same can’t be said for her car.

Holdsclaw was taken into custody on Thursday and her bond is currently set at a whopping $10,000.

Her possible time behind bars depends on which charges she is found guilty of, but she is currently being accused of reckless conduct and criminal damage into addition to her aggravated assault charge. There are no previous arrest known for the former WNBA player.

]Lacy, who plays for the Tulsa Shock, released a statement following Holdsclaw’s arrest expressing how thankful she is to have so many people supporting her during such a trying time.

“I want to thank my family, friends, fans and Shock family for their concern during this difficult time,” the 29-year-old said. “I have never felt more love from my fans in supporting me.”

Police have obtained the shell of a 9mm bullet found in the victim’s car and it is likely that the former WNBA star will be found guilt on all charges, especially considering the fact that she turned herself in to police after committing the crime.

Needless to say, Chamique’s fans are still dumfounded that the basketball star they come to know and love would ever do something like this.

“Just amazing to see something like this,” said Bob Baldwin, a self proclaimed long time fan of Chamique. “I knew she had some problems before [with depression], but you wouldn’t guess something would progress to this stage.”

While there are signs pointing that an argument or brief dispute occurred just before the attack, there is currently no confirmed cause as to what led to the violent confrontation.

The University of Tennessee star still has tons of support from some fans, however, who believe she is simply going through hard times.

“Around here, after all this blows over, I think we’ll all still love her,” said another fan Andy Alpers. “It might hurt her a little bit right now.”

Other fans admitted that even if she is found guilty, that just hoped that the star athlete will get the help she needs and be able to overcome any emotional battles she is still dealing with.

Holdsclaw recently retired in 2010 after playing basketball for more than ten years.

It is currently uncertain of how much jail time Chamique possibly faces.


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