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Red Band Trailer for 'The ABCs of Death'

I believe that horror movie trailers have now officially featured a “creepy” rendition of every single childhood song/nursery rhyme. And if you can’t guess which one is featured in this particular trailer, then I pity your brain.

Speaking of brains, look at them all get spattered all over the place! And other unfortunate physical trauma, as well! The ABCs of Death is an anthology film, featuring 26 different directors using a letter of the alphabet as the jumping off point for a short in which someone dies. There’s A for ApocalypseB is for Bigfoot, C is for Cycle, and so on and so forth. Will you want to see it? That depends on whether the fact that this trailer uses “appalling” as a pull quote intrigues you. I know it intrigues me.

Check out the trailer right here. This should go without saying, but it’s not safe for work. The ABCs of Death will be released January 31, 2013 on VOD, and will be in theaters March 8.

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