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Microsoft Firmware Update for Surface RT Fixes Some Performance Issues

Microsoft pushed out a firmware update yesterday (Patch Tuesday) for its hybrid laptop/tablet, the Surface RT. The update brings with it a variety of performance improvements, according to preliminary reports from users. There were a total of eight updates released for the device, four of which corrected some issues and improved performance, as well as a firmware update and some security-related downloads.

According to ZDNet, the four updates include an update that addresses “Favorites” not showing up in Internet Explorer 10 and a fix that enables WinRE using the out-of-the-box wizard in Windows 8/Server 2012. Also part of the updates was an update for files containing a digital signature in Windows 8/Server 2012, and a Windows 8/Server 2012 cumulative update. You can download these updates for your Surface via Windows Update.

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